‘Mapping the realm’ is a project funded by the British Academy to create an interactive online version of the celebrated medieval ‘Gough Map’ of Great Britain. The original map is held in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It probably dates from the fourteenth century but neither the identity of its author or its exact origins are known.

The ‘Mapping the Realm’ research project consists of a multi-disciplinary team of academics based at Queen’s University, Belfast. It is being directed by Dr Keith Lilley (Geography), with support by Dr Chris Lloyd (Geography) and Dr Paul Ell (CDDA). The research fellow is Dr Steve Trick. The project team also includes Professor Bruce Campbell (Geography), Professor John Thompson (English), and Dr Mark Gardiner (Archaeology). The research is being carried out in collaboration with the Bodleian Library through its Map Curator, Nick Millea.

The project seeks to find out more about this enigmatic map. Using a scan of the original, undertaken by DigiData Technologies, the Gough Map has been digitised and analysed at the School of Geography at Queen’s using a Geographical Information System (GIS). GIS makes it possible to study the map’s content and assess how it was made, who made it, and what it was made for – all questions yet to be resolved.

The map has also been made interactive and is accessible via the link below. As well as seeing a digital version of the Gough Map you will also be able to identify the features that the map shows, such as towns and cites, roads and rivers, and study historical data relating to these places.

The project team wish to thank the British Academy, the Bodleian Library and DigiData for their assistance with this research.

For further details please contact: k.lilley@qub.ac.uk

Click here to access the interactive Gough Map