Project team

Dr Keith Lilley, historical geographer

I graduated with a degree in Geography from the University of Birmingham in 1990 and then went on to complete a PhD. I am interested particularly in the patterns and forms of urban landscapes, and the origins and development of medieval towns and cities, both in Britain and in Europe. My first book was published by Palgrave in 2002, and is called Urban Life in the Middle Ages, 1000-1450. I now teach human geography at Queen’s University Belfast, having moved here from England in 1999.


Dr Chris Lloyd, spatial analyst

I have a first degree in archaeology, an MSc in archaeological computing and a PhD in physical geography from the University of Southampton. My research interests include spatial data analysis, historical geography, archaeology, and remote sensing. I have been lecturer in geography (GIS) at Queen's University, Belfast, since 1999.


Research Fellow
Dr Steven Trick, archaeologist

I have a background in archaeology with degrees from Cardiff and Southampton Universities. My PhD research looked at the landscape context of prehistoric tells in southeast Europe, involving fieldwork in southern Romania. I am interested in the use of GIS in historical/ archaeological research contexts, particularly in the visualisation of field survey data, and the use of GIS to investigate human sensory perception in the past.


GIS Research Officer
Conor Graham

I graduated with a degree in Geography from Queen's University Belfast and completed a PGCE in Geography at Brunel University London and a MSc in Coastal Zone Management at the University of Ulster. I am presently the School of Geography GIS Research Officer and have research interests in the application of GIS and GPS technologies in coastal management, geomorphology, archaeology and remote sensing. I am following a Part-time PhD on the application of RS and GPS techniques in coastal zone management.



The team express thanks to Mike Fradley and Cormac McConaghy for their help in the field.

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