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EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account  -  Funding Opportunity

Queen’s has successfully secured an EPSRC IAA award launching in 2022 and covering the next three year period.  In preparation, we are launching a quick funding Call to complete the spend from previous IAA internal awards with a quick turnaround deadline.  This is a short application window where submissions will be reviewed quickly; if you miss the deadline for this Call there will be further opportunity to apply through the new 2022 funding which will be available shortly.

The EPSRC IAA Call will be launched on Monday 23rd May 2022 and close on Tuesday 31st May 2022.

EPSRC recognises that the IAAs are an important mechanism for delivering impact for Engineering and Physical Sciences (EPS) research and that there is a strong potential in supporting greater connectivity across the broader EPS ecosystem.

Funding is available for a wide range of projects that will accelerate the impact of EPSRC research: secondments, Collaboration Catalyst (working with a partner) and Demonstration of Commercial Principle projects, Enterprise Fellowships and for non-commercially focused impacts.  Projects wishing to focus on non-commercial impacts and in particular projects with potential policy impacts are encouraged.  Applications of ECRs who have held EPSRC New Investigator Awards are also encouraged.  Typical funding for each project is expected to be between £2,500 and £10,000 (with up to £25,000 available for secondments).  Activities funded through the EPSRC IAA award should have potential to be developed into a case study, if required.

A requirement of all applications is that they must be linked in some way to a previous EPSRC grant.  For further details on this scheme, or to discuss your potential applications, please contact Joan Grieve, IAA Officer in the Business Alliance team.


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IAA Guidelines 

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