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Brexit Event 26/04/2016

"The Economic Implications of Brexit in Northern Ireland."

Almost 600 people attended a public debate around ‘The Economic Implications of Brexit in Northern Ireland’ at Queen’s on Tuesday 26 April 2016.

The evening event, which was one of the largest public Brexit debates held in the UK, was organised by the Centre for Irish Business and Economic Performance in Queen’s University Management School; The Chief Executives Club at Queen’s and the Nevin Economic Research Institute.

Those in attendance heard Dr Edgar Morgenroth, Associate Research Professor at the Economic and Social Research Institute, outline the possible implications of a Brexit for Northern Ireland, following the publication of his recent report on the impact for the Republic of Ireland.

Following his presentation, he joined Dr Esmond Birnie, Chief Economist, PwC; Angela McGowan, Chief Economist, Danske Bank and Paul MacFlynn, Economist, Neven Economic Research Institute, in a panel discussion chaired by BBC Northern Ireland’s Economics and Business Editor, John Campbell.

Speaking of the event, Dr Anthony McDonnell, Director of the Centre for Irish Business and Economic Performance in Queen’s Management School, said: “We won’t be telling people how to vote, but we do hope that this event will enable those attending to make a more informed decision on the economic side of the argument. Dr Edgar Morgenroth’s work is most the most advanced piece of work on the subject.”

Vice Chancellor, Professor Patrick Johnston welcomed all to the event

Kevin Fearon, Business Alliance Manager for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty at Queen's University Belfast, posted his view of the event.