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Why get involved?

Apart from the obvious reasons already listed above, most of our academics find that working on a KTP is a lot of fun. Yes, it can be challenging, but each project broadens your expertise, widens your circle of contacts, provides new and exciting opportunities for your students and generates new funding streams for studentships and postgraduate funding.

Professor Su Taylor from Civil Engineering, within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, has been named as the UK Academic Ambassador for KTP.


Each KTP project is funded by the company (SME 33%; Large Company 50%) and Government. As part of the package, the company will get access to an academic’s time, which equates roughly to half a day per week. This can include a variety of activities, such as carrying out lab work, attendance at conferences and meetings, mentoring the graduate and jointly supervising student projects.

An academic participating in KTP will get access to approximately £10,000 per year, per project. This funding is drawn down on a pro-rata basis as the project progresses and transferred to your own School account.

Research Impact

One of the key drivers for academic researchers is proving the impact of their research activity, and KTP is one of the best mechanisms to demonstrate this. Each KTP project is centred around a specific company project that is intended to bring new knowledge and expertise to an organisation. Individual projects are scoped and agreed with the company partner and we encourage the academic (and their Research Cluster) to identify a wide range of opportunities in which to embed new knowledge.

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