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Case Studies

FP McCann collaborate with KTP at Queen's to control and manage on-site storm water

FP McCann's first KTP project with Queen's involved embedding expertise to manage and control the flow of storm water at their on-site production facility.

Gareth was FP McCann's first KTP Associate before taking his current position as Chief Engineer for Hydraulics within the company and this case study highlights the opportunities that the KTP programme can provide for career development. The project that Gareth initially worked on included managing and controlling the flow of storm water on site, with Gareth believing that the collaborative work carried out between an organisation and an academic institution is vital as graduates are strong at adopting new technologies but have the added benefit of seeing their work take physical form. Clare Loye, an Accountant at FP McCann discusses the benefits that KTPs have brought from the companies perspective in developing new products and much more.