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Where are they now? - A catch up with our former KTP Associate, Hadeel Saadoon

Hadeel joined the Queen's KTP Family in 2016 as an Associate with the McAvoy Group, we caught up with her to discuss how her time as a KTP Associate helped her embark on the journey to becoming the successful BIM Manager she is today.

Hadeel Saadoon testing Queen's VR and AR facilities before introducing these technologies to McAvoy Group during her KTP.

We caught up with our former KTP Associate Hadeel Saadoon, now working in Coventry University Estates Digital Services as the BIM Manager. After completing a bachelors degree in Architecture and a Masters in Construction Management and BIM, Hadeel decided to explore the world of digital technologies and qualified as a Chartered Architectural Technologist in the UK. 

Hadeel was working on a Building Information Management research programme in the faculty of Engineering, Environment and Computing at Coventry University when she heard about the KTP Programme and investigated a particular role with Queen’s. Hadeel tells us,

“I loved the idea of having the ability to work for a creative company while developing research at a leading university. The Industry and Academia balance was an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss!”

Hadeel joined the McAvoy Group in 2016, an innovative offsite construction company based in Northern Ireland. Here, her KTP Associate role gave her the opportunity to develop BIM processes for off-site construction, integrate clash detection technologies and introduce mixed reality technologies, such as VR and AR. Hadeel’s background in BIM allowed for the design to be developed virtually and run through clash detection software. Reports were produced and handed to the project team to support them in rectifying any spatial conflicts that existed between the modules that form a building constructed offsite. The BIM models used in the project were created according to Open BIM standards meaning the the McAvoy Group could remain software agnostic and use the latest technologies in the industry.

Hadeel’s advice to recent or upcoming graduates and post graduates…

“GO FOR IT! If you spot a KTP opportunity don’t miss it, a lot of work has gone into developing each KTP post- it’s an opportunity to gain both industry and research expertise. In a KTP, the company forms a partnership with a university to develop new working processes or introduce new technologies.”

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships support the transfer of information and insights from industry to those in education and vice versa.

“During my KTP with the support of my Academic Supervisor I lectured at the Masters Course of BIM and Project Management at Queens which was a great experience and an opportunity to introduce students to offsite and modern methods of construction. It’s a two way partnership and I benefited from the support of QUB staff with access to labs and equipment such as VR and AR headsets to try and test, before fully implementing the technologies at my KTP company.”

KTP bridges the gap between academia and business and gives Associates the opportunity to actualise their academic studies. In Hadeel’s case, implement BIM in a real life project with multidisciplinary teams and learn how to use and manage complex systems such as common data environment.

“I developed my management skills through the KTP programme and qualified as a Chartered Manager with CMI- this opportunity helped me to qualify for my current role as a BIM Manager at Coventry University Estates.”
“KTP definitely helped me fast track my career and I’m both grateful and proud to have worked for both The McAvoy Group and KTP at Queen’s. I gained excellent industry and research experience and worked on wonderful, innovative offsite projects that were recognised in multiple industry awards including BIM4SME Award, Irish BIM innovation awards and BSL Award."

Hadeel recommends KTP to all those who are searching for a career path that will provide new opportunities and wish to use their recently acquired academic expertise.

“If you are a student, recent graduate or even at an early stage of your career, do consider KTP roles! Keep an eye on the excellent opportunities offered by the Innovate UK nationwide KTP network.”

We are absolutely delighted at Hadeel’s ongoing career success since completing her KTP role with our industry partner, The McAvoy Group and we wish her the very best of luck at the upcoming UKCW Awards where she has been nominated as the UKCW Role Model of the Year.

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