What not to miss


Dead zoo


He doesn’t move much. So what’s new? Well, this one doesn’t move at all, and hasn’t done for quite a while. Neither have any of the other animals in our menagerie. And there’s a reason for this… but not to worry, this just means you’ll be able to get a better photo of them.


The Pointless Doorknob

Near the front door you’ll find what appears to be a doorknob screwed to the wall, leading to the question...why?

Some say that if tapped four times and turned forty degrees counter-clockwise whilst reciting an incantation, it opens a secret passage deep under the campus. Others say, more pragmatically, that it’s simply our old doorbell.


Some classy graffiti

Not all unauthorised wall art comes from an aerosol. See if you can find the handiwork of one AH Bingham, who adorned one of our pillars with his name way back in 1890

Whoever he was, and whatever his punishment was, we don’t know (he was probably forced to iron the Vice-Chancellor’s morning paper for a month or something similarly Victorian). What we do know is that he wasn’t the only one creeping around campus with a pen-knife – other etchings from around the same time are littered all over the place.


The door to Narnia

A much more accomplished piece of carving can be found somewhere in the McClay Library

An ornate wooden door reminiscent of the entrance to the wardrobe, and therefore Narnia, in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by Belfast’s very own C.S. Lewis. You might not find any fauns, centaurs or witches lying in wait, but you might get a couple of students.


And a slice of Hogwarts…

In our Great Hall, we can’t entirely be sure if the subjects of the paintings get up and move around when no one’s looking.

But if you see any fat ladies in the portraits, spare yourself the effort of asking for access to the Gryffindor common room.


Queen’s Film Theatre

The QFT is our very own arthouse cinema, right in the heart of our campus.

Hidden in the Georgian terrace on University Square, you wouldn’t even know it was there!


And if you get lost…

Turn left as soon as you get into the Black and White Hall

You’ll find yourself in our Welcome centre (taking care not to walk into the glass doors of course) if you’re visiting Belfast for the day and want to know a bit more about the city, just ask!

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