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The Ambassador programme is an initiative that invites talented international students to serve as ambassador for Queen's. 

Recruitment for the International Student Ambassador Programme takes place in Semester 1 (weeks 1-12). All international students will be emailed when recruitment has opened.

This is an opportunity to not only attend exclusive events to represent the international student body but also will provide you with the opportunity to have access to free professional development courses and an excellent addition to your CV.

The programme is open to all international students who meet the terms and conditions criteria listed on the website (below)

Benefits of becoming an international Ambassador:

  • Prestigious, recognised position within the University 
  • Full training to build your knowledge & skills and prepare you for this role will be provided
  • Degree Plus Accreditation through Route B is available
  • Attendance at honorary occasions such as Welcome/ Thank You Dinners and Awards
  • Potential for international travel/ trips home and abroad
  • Networking for future career opportunities
  • Profile on Queen’s website
  • You can expect an enjoyable experience of working in varied roles around the university, meeting new people and developing useful skills
  • As alumni it is an opportunity to give back and perhaps most importantly, benefit from collegiate networking with fellow Queen’s alumni

The University receives many excellent applications for this prestigious programme so regrettably, we cannot offer places to all applicants, a selection process, therefore, will be used to appoint the successful candidates.

Queen’s University reserves the right to appoint candidates who have the most potential to contribute to the programme. Apply now via the link below.


Terms and Conditions

To qualify for the International Student Ambassador programme at Queen’s University Belfast you must meet the eligibility criteria below:

  1. Must be interested in representing Queen’s University and the City of Belfast to prospective students, their families and university partners.
  2. Students must be able to speak about their experience at Queen’s University however must not to provide prospective students with information on course entry requirements and content.
  3. Students must self-nominate or be nominated by an academic.
  4. Students must be classified as international fee paying students in order to be considered for this scheme, and must be actively enrolled on a full-time programme at the Queen’s University Belfast campus
  5. Students studying on a part-time basis, or distance learning programmes are not eligible for the International Student Ambassador programme.
  6. Successful students must possess the correct visa to enable them to undertake duties associated with their Ambassador role. This will be checked by international Student Support and On Campus Jobs before commencing their role.
  7. Students who are offered and accept their Ambassador role will be expected to participate in duties, such as providing student testimonials, assisting at recruitment events, etc. Information on specific duties will be provided on commencement of the role.
  8. The University reserves the right to vary any Ambassador awards or regulations at its sole discretion.
  9. Students will be invited to attend briefing workshops and be supplied with support materials and staff support to equip them for their role.
  10. Student will be invited to attend briefing workshops and be supplied with support materials and staff support to equip them for their role.
  11. Shortlisted students will be invited to prepare and deliver a presentation outlining their suitability for the role of International Student Ambassador to a selection panel.
  12. Student Ambassadors can gain Degree Plus points for their contributions to the programme.
  13. The University reserves the right to withdraw ambassadorial title where it receives credible information which, if true, would cause the university to consider that the preferred candidate is unsuitable for the position. The university will act reasonably when reaching decisions about whether or not to withdraw a student from the programme.


Job description