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Available for Spring Semester Applicants Only.

Complement your study abroad experience at Queen’s with a 6-week placement in the field of social justice and peacebuilding. 

This programme provides Spring Semester students with the opportunity to undertake an interdisciplinary study abroad semester in Belfast; a young, vibrant and culturally rich city emerging from decades of conflict, with an opportunity to gain field experience in peacebuilding and social justice. The semester of study will be followed by a 6-week accredited placement (AHS3001 Study Abroad Placement), which is a fantastic opportunity to build college credit as well as an international work experience portfolio.  The placement combined with the standard semester of study is worth a total of 80 CATS credits. 

Students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and majors are encouraged to apply.

Early Application is recommended as placements are limited

Tuition Fee for Study Abroad Semester Plus Placement £9800
Programme Duration: (Spring Semester Only) January - late June
Application Closing Date: 31 October 


Cumulative GPA of 3.0

Fee-paying Study Abroad students in Semester 2 only (exchange students are ineligible to apply)

Please Note: Students must be eligible to apply for a Tier 4 Student Visa - further guidance will be provided after acceptance to the programme.

What will I study?

During the semester, all Study Abroad Plus Placement students are advised to take ANT1006  “Understanding Northern Ireland: History, Politics and Anthropology.”  This module uses a variety of historical, political, sociological and anthropological perspectives to look at key issues relating to Northern Ireland, which will ensure a solid overview prior to the placement. Dr Dominic Bryan explores anthropological understandings of ethnicity and nationalism to examine how Unionism and Irish Nationalism developed. The class will look in detail at the various political solutions which have been applied to ‘the Province’, with a particular focus on the Peace Process and examines the realities and legacies of the conflict since the signing of the 1998 Agreement.

Students will then select two additional modules from the list below, which will build upon their understanding of Northern Ireland’s historical, political and social context.  Please note that some modules may have a prerequisite of prior study in the subject area. 

Optional Modules

  • ANT1007: Us and Them: Why do we have ingroups and outgroups?
  • ENL2002:  Language and Power
  • SPY1005:  Themes and Issues in Social Policy
  • PAI2055:   Security and Terrorism
  • PAI3059:   National and Ethnic Minorities in European Politics
  • ANT2020:  Sex and Gender
  • PAI3044:   War, Visual Culture and Surveillance
  • CRM2008:  Policing and Society
  • CRM2006:  Crime and the Media
  • PAI2056:  International Organisations
  • SOC3048:  Global Risk Society
  • PAI2013:  Irish Politics
  • SPY2009: Questions for an Ageing World
  • HIS2063: Recording History
  • PAI2002: British Politics in Crisis?
  • PAI2045: The Politics and Economics of the Devolved UK
  • PAI2065:  Peace and Conflict Studies
  • ANT3035:  Love, Hate and Beyond
  • ANT3151: Ireland and Britain: People, Identity, Nations
  • HIS3022: The Origins of Protestantism
  • PAI3012: The Global Political Economy of Energy
  • PAI3056: The Far Right in Western Europe and North America
  • PAI3058:  Political Parties and Elections in Northern Ireland
  • CRM3007: Criminology Beyond Borders
  • SOC3053: Emotion, Power and the Politics

You will also be enrolled on module AHS3001 Study Abroad Placement.

Where will I Intern?

Our team at Queen’s will review applications and select a bespoke placement to match the interests and skills of each participant with the needs of the organisations on the ground.  From local NGOs to non-profits and internationally renowned peacebuilding organisations, there is no better way for students to get a leg-up in their careers and grow global networks.  This opportunity is designed to improve student employability in a competitive sector by combining research and study with practical experience.

How do I apply?

Please see the How to Apply section for guidance on applying for your Study Abroad semester at Queen's.

Students wishing to undertake the Study Abroad Plus Placement pathway must also submit the Study Abroad Placement Application Form.


If you have any questions, please email

Please note that the Study Abroad placement module is subject to QUB terms and conditions.