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Student experience is at the heart of the International Summer School and we strive to ensure our students have a life changing summer.

PHOTO: Holly Smith
The highlight for my time at Queen’s was definitely the people I was able to meet and bond with. I was able to meet some wonderful, intelligent, gifted and truly unique people that I feel privileged to now call my friends. I don’t think I will ever find an opportunity again that has been as enlightening, empowering and enriching as this has been for me. Holly Smith
2018 Conflict Transformation and Social Justice
Sydney, Australia
PHOTO: Emily Scruggs
My time studying at Queen’s changed my outlook on other countries and made me realize how much is kept in the dark from people who are either not directly involved, interest, or impacted by the occurrences of certain regions. Now having first hand experience, I see a lot of things differently and take more time out of my lifestyle to be more aware of what is happening in the world. Emily Scruggs
2018 Conflict Transformation and Social Justice
PHOTO: Elana Hershman
My highlight was the opportunities we were given to hear from so many people in Northern Ireland, including politicians, former paramilitaries and religious leaders. Studying at Queen’s has now inspired me to pursue the study of the psychological aspects of conflict transformation! Elana Hershman
Conflict Transformation Summer School
Kings College London
PHOTO: Maeve Devlin
I would highly recommend this program to those considering studying abroad who want a unique experience studying in a post-conflict city which is now an exciting and vibrant place to study. I fell in love with the city this summer! Maeve Devlin
Conflict Transformation Summer School
Illinois State University