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International Joint Foundation at Shenzhen

International Joint Foundation Programme at Shenzhen University, China

The aim of the Foundation Course is to prepare students, taught at Shenzhen University (SZU), China, who have completed their secondary education for three-year undergraduate Honours degrees at Queen's.

During the Foundation programme students will have the opportunity to become proficient in English language and to develop the study skills necessary for Western education. The tuition is provided jointly by staff from Queen's University and Shenzhen.

There are two sections of the foundation course, one in Social Sciences and the other in Science/Engineering. These will prepare students for admission to a range of degree programmes in Social Sciences (eg Finance, Management, Economics), or in the Engineering disciplines.

A major part of the course will be in English Language tuition.

The four academic modules are:

Social Sciences
Mathematics, Buisness Computing (in Chinese)
Economics, Management (in English)

Mathematics I, Physics (in Chinese)
Mathematics II, Engineering Science (in English)

Programme Schedule

First Semester: September 2013 - January 2014
Second Semester: February 2014 - June 2014
Taking IELTS: May 2014

Students who pass all the academic modules and attain the required standard in English will be eligible for admission to Queen's. Some students are required to undertake a pre-sessional English course at Queen's during the period June - September 2014.

Entrance Requirements

Successful completion of senior high school graduation examination or an equivalent qualification.
Applications will be considered by a panel of Queen's and Shenzhen staff.


At Queen's tuition fees and living expenses are lower than at many other similarly well-regarded UK universities. In addition, students enrolling on programmes with duration of more than one year will pay the same fixed-rate tuition fee each year.

Students who wish to enter degree programmes at Queen's must be able to provide evidence that they can meet the tuition fees and living expenses for the full three-year period.

There are nine scholarships for the Foundation programme, worth £20,000 in total.

Further Information

Application forms and further information may be obtained from: