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Dr Jenny Groarke

Lecturer in Psychology

School of Psychology

‘Dr Groarke’s area of research is health behaviour change, loneliness, and interventions to reduce stress and anxiety.

Her research has included applications of music for health and wellbeing enhancement, with a particular emphasis on the development of theories and measurement instruments. Recently my research is using mobile technology and experience sampling applications to examine the effects of music in people’s everyday lives.

Together with colleagues from the Centre for Improving Health-Related Quality of Life Dr Groarke is working with a group of international researchers to develop an online tool for the public that;

  1. allows people to get an impression of their COVID-19-related risk, both to themselves and others (through SARS-CoV-2 spreading);
  2. Applies behaviour change theory to present people with messages that help them decrease their risk
  3. Maps the determinants of COVID-19-related behaviours so as to recommend avenues for intervention to governments, policymakers, and prevention and health promotion organisations.

Areas of Expertise

Psychology, Music, Psycho-oncology, Telemedicine, Self Care, Health Behaviour, Health

Dr Jenny Groarke
Contact Information

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