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Dr John Moriarty

Lecturer, Sociology and Quantitative Methods

School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work (SSESW)

Dr Moriarty’s principle focus is on workplaces and on their importance for people’s social identity, and mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Moriarty’s central interest is in workplaces, particularly how we come to understand our roles within organisations and what is expected of us. This is important for understanding both the value placed on work as a society and also how individuals develop a sense of identity. Dr Moriarty’s current research examines which organisational structures can facilitate better mental health and which factors pose a risk to employees’ wellbeing.

In previous projects, he has researched the mental wellbeing of caregivers, professional, voluntary and familial, and he lectures on the related themes of social identity and inequality.  Other areas of interest include employment and student employability in the digital age, and statistical literacy in society.

Areas of Expertise

Workplaces; Role Perceptions; Social Identity; Mental Health; Caregiving; Digital Society; Use of Statistics in Social Science; Social Mobility

Media Experience

Dr Moriarty has extensive media experience, and has worked with a range of print, broadcast and online media including BBC Radio (5 Live and BBC Surrey); and The Conversation.

Notable coverage

Associated Research Centres / Projects

  • iAmAware – Wellcome Trust Funded

Dr John Moriarty
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