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EIT Food Activities

EIT Food links the pillars of the knowledge triangle - innovation, education and business creation, with a consumer-centred approach.  Within each pillar, EIT Food will:


Act as an investor and identify innovation opportunities with a high business potential or great impact on societal challenges; ensure a path towards implementation for each proposal, fueled by co-funding of partners and building on and implementing promising results of successful research projects.  Find out more:


Making 'Entrepreneur' a role model within the universities adn academia by establishing innovation as a third key pillar in addition to the classical research and teaching pillars, thereby elevating the status of 'successful entrepreneur' to the level of 'successful scientist or teacher' and moving from a classical step-wise and degree-orientated education model to a continuous skill-based human resource development approach.  Find out more:


Educate, coach and guide entrepreneurs on their journey 'from the idea to market' in order to establish European world champions in the food domain; provide unique access to technologies and expertise through the network of partners as well as the critical access to finances, thus accelerating and reducing the risk of operations of the new ventures.  Find out more:


Regard the consumer as 'entrepreneur', an autonomous, self-determined person taking his or her own decisions on their nutrition, well-being and health on the basis of sound information.  Find out more:

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