EIT Food Projects at Queen's

EIT Food Projects At Queen's


Project Title


Education Farm to Fork: Sustainable food production in a changing environment  Dr Katrina Campbell
Education An Introduction to Food Systems: Scientific, Technical and Socioeconomic Principles to Facilitate the Creation of Food Value Networks  Dr Katrina Campbell
Education Animal Feed Quality and Safety  Dr Katrina Campbell
Education Food tech transitions: reconnecting agrifood, technology, and society  Dr Katrina Campbell
Education From waste to worth: use of plant residues  Dr Katrina Campbell
Education CHAMPP: Contemporary challenges and issues of the poultry production sector Stephane Durand
Education WE Lead  Dr Katrina Campbell
Education Focus on Farmers  Prof Nigel Scollan
Education SME Workshop: Supporting SMEs for new business opportunities-2019 Stephane Durand
Education Food System Master of Science Programme  Dr Alison Calvert
Education Global Food Venture Programme  Dr Katrina Campbell
Education IValueFood  Prof Paul Brereton
Entrepreneurship Seedbed Incubator Brian McCaul
Entrepreneurship MAKE-IT! An infrastructure to hack simpler and smarter food value chains Stephane Durand
Innovation Consumer and Manufacturing Driven Alternative Packaging Solutions from Agrifood Waste Streams  Dr Eoin Cunningham
Innovation Food Fortress for raw materials and ingredients in Europe – Gaining Consumer trust through transparency   Prof Chris Elliott
Innovation Improving trust on fish chain: Rapid and portable monitoring tools for a better control of whitefish  Dr Katrina Campbell
Innovation The development of organic supply chains that drive fair, transparent and healthy options for the consumer  Prof Chris Elliott
Public Engagement The EIT Food School Network: Integrating solutions to improve eating habits and reduce food wastage  Prof Jayne Woodside


Project Title                                                                                                                                                                
               QUB PI               
Education EIT Food Entrepreneurship Winter School                  Dr Katrina Campbell

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