A Global Research Institute of Queen's University Belfast


At a time when the world’s population is growing at a faster rate than any time in history, food security is an overarching global challenge that pervades human health, sustainable economic development, environment, and trade.

Our ambition is to establish a global research institute that encompasses cutting-edge research activities right across the spectrum of food security research, going beyond the ‘farm to fork’ strategy to span the environment-farm-food-health-economics interactome to form a unique brand that redefines global food security research.  


Grand Challenge: Farms of the Future

Globally, there is a growing understanding that the current farming practises are unsustainable, failing to support a decent standard of living for farmers and not providing enough food to support projected population growth.

Climate-change predicts greater flooding, drought, disease and invasive pests, but in a manner that is not well understood, generating diverse challenges that will demand research-led solutions.

Volatility and instability of global markets impacts the price and availability of raw materials. 


  • The Institute will develop a range of paradigm shifts in agricultural practices to enhance profitability and sustainability without compromising biodiversity and ecological stability of the interactome. 


Next Grand Challenge

Food Integrity