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Food, Nutrition and Health

Links between poor nutrition and human health are well established, yet how best to improve current diet quality and health outcomes is a matter for debate



Research in IGFS is exploring diet across the life-cycle, from childhood and adolescence, through pregnancy, to at-risk, diseased and older populations, linking diet with a range of human health issues (obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease).

Researchers are using biomarkers to better measure diet, then examining determinants of eating behaviour, how to promote behaviour change and developing interventions to achieve this change. 

This is successful, both in terms of quality research outputs and income but also in terms of impact, with demonstrated effects of dietary interventions on eating behaviours and health-relevant outcomes. The IGFS combination of exploration of mechanisms by which nutrients may impact on disease, alongside epidemiological analysis, dietary interventions, consideration of consumer attitudes, and development of interventions to change behaviour, is an overarching approach designed to maximise impact in the short term on population health.

  • The work involves multi-disciplinary collaborations across the University, investigating key research areas such as biomarker discovery and changing lifestyle behaviours

Researchers working under this theme:

Keywords (subject areas) in alphabetical order; click on a researcher's name to access their profile

Name Email  Grand Challenge? Keywords (subject area) Post-Doc/s?    
Prof Irene Grant Farms of the future; Food, Nutrition and Health Animal health; Paratuberculosis/Johne’s disease; Tuberculosis; zoonotic pathogens; diagnostic method development  Dr Antonio Foddai  
Prof Peter Leavitt Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition & Health Aquatic biology; ecosystems biology; environmental sustainability; lake and river biology; biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and water; paleoecology; environmental change and society; coupled human-biophysical systems    
Prof Moira Dean Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition & Health Behavioural sciences; obesity; consumer behaviour; food choice; risk perception; attitudes to food; behaviour change; risk communication Dr Michelle Spence; Dr Tony Benson; Dr Fiona Lavelle; Dr Stephanie Brooks; Dr Niamh O'Kane; Dr Claire McKernan  
Prof Rudolf Krska Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health; Global Food Integrity Bioanalytics & biotoxicology; mycotoxins; organic trace analysis; plant and microbial metabolites; LC-MS/MS;  plant-fungi-metabolomics; urine biomarkers    

Dr Anne Nugent Food, Nutrition and Health Diet; dietary surveys; dietary intake; food and nutrient intake; food chemical intake; exposure assessment    

Prof Jayne Woodside Food, Nutrition and Health Diet; nutrition; health; fruit and vegetables; Mediterranean diet; dietary patterns; dietary biomarkers; diet and disease prevention; public health nutrition Dr Roisin O'Neill, Dr Sarah Brennan, Dr Sarah Moore, Dr Charlotte Neville, Dr Sinead Watson  

Prof Helen Roche

Food, Nutrition and Health; Global Food Integrity Diet and nutrition; nutrigenomics; inflammation and metabolism; functional foods; metabolic-inflammation; dietary fatty acids; 'nutrition, obesity and diabetes’    

Dr Danielle McCarthy

Food, Nutrition and Health Diet, nutrition; health; personalised nutrition; preventative healthcare; public health; consumer attitudes and behaviour; AI; big data; digital tech; health informatics; wellness; citizen science; societal engagement    

Dr Emma Allott

Food, Nutrition and Health Diet, nutrition and cancer; obesity; adipokines; adipose tissue distribution; breast cancer; cholesterol; inflammation; lifecourse; lipids; metabolism; molecular epidemiology; prostate cancer; statins    

Prof Chris Creevey Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health; Global Food Integrity Ecological/evolutionary genomics; microbiome; computational biology; evolution; ecology; environmental genomics; AMR; novel therapeutics; genomics    

Dr Lisa Connolly Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health; Global Food Integrity Endocrine disruptors; in vitro bioassays; toxicology; detection; environment; food; health Dr Stephen Drain  

Dr Martina Bozzola Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition & Health 

Environmental sustainability; environmental economics; agricultural economics (decision making under risk, technology adoption, food and nutrition security); climate change adaptation in agriculture; sustainable value chains; economics of wildlife management; applied econometrics



Dr Katrina Campbell Global Food Integrity; Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health Food safety; biosensors; diagnostics; food supply chain; toxin analysis; biosecurity Dr Jordi Nelis, Dr Tatiana Panov, Dr Chikere Nkwonta  

Prof Paul Brereton Global Food Integrity; Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health Food integrity; food value; food education; EIT Food; gamification; engagement; teachers; qualitative survey; schools; educators; social media Dr Niamh O'Kane; Dr Stephanie Brooks  

Dr Tassos Koidis Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition and Health Food safety/integrity/authenticity; food science; authenticity; olive oil; vegetable oil; spectroscopy; chemometrics; big data; analytical methods development; fraud detection; black tea; processing contro; bioactive ingredients; antioxidants; polyphenols    

Dr Caroline Meharg Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health Gut ecosystems; microbes, plant & environmental; microbiome; microbes; plants; environment; big data Dr Yogesh Gupta  

Dr Qiaozhu Su Food, Nutrition and Health Gut ecosystems; molecular & cellular biochemistry; molecular nutrition; nutritional signaling, metabolic inflammation, mitochondrial and ER stress, microRNA, gut microbiota, metabolic disease, lipid and lipoprotein metabolism, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), insulin resistance, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease Dr Yuxin Wu  

Dr Fuquan Liu

Liu Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health Microbes, plant & environmental; plant development; plant/environment interaction; immuno-detection of microbial Dr Thomas Fleming, Dr Ruramayi M Nzum, Dr Frederic Mineur, Dr Antonio Foddai  

Dr Christopher Law Global Food Integrity; Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health Molecular & cellular biochemistry; membrane transporters; structural biology; biocatalysts    

Dr Brian Green Food, Nutrition & Health Molecular nutrition; nutrition; diet; health; disease biomarkers; dietary biomarkers; metabolomics; neurodegeneration; dementia; diabetes; metabolism; bioactives Dr William Crowe, Dr Xiaobei Pan  

Dr Simon Cameron Food, Nutrition and Health Molecular nutrition; human milk; microbiome; microbiology; human milk; mass spectrometry; early-life nutrition    

Dr Laura McGowan Food, Nutrition & Health Nutrition, diet & behaviour change; obesity; preconception; pregnancy    

Dr Michelle McKinley Food, Nutrition and Health Obesity; weight loss; weight management; dietary interventions; behaviour change; behavioural sciences; mHealth; eHealth; type 2 Diabetes; cardiovascular disease; pregnancy; postpartum; schoolchildren; quantitative; qualitative Dr Dunla Gallagher   

Prof Gary Hardiman Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition & Health Systems biology (food); climate change; Big Omics Data; endocrine disruptors & epigenetic alterations; plasticizers in the environment; bisphenol- A; genomics of marine species; vitamin D & prostate cancer; opioid & food addiction; cystic fibrosis; non-coding RNAs; nutrition & space travel    


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