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Global Food Integrity

The development of global food supply systems has markedly altered how food is produced, distributed and sold



It has brought about many changes for the better in terms of affordability and availability. Yet it has also greatly increased the risk of disease, contamination and fraud.

The Institute for Global Food Security has established itself as a leading research provider to a range of stakeholders including regulators, governments and multinational industries to tackle food contamination/adulteration. Working across disciplines with colleagues at the University, we are engaged on a wide range of food integrity projects on the international stage, eg. EU China Safe and Food Integrity EU

The development of food-fingerprinting techniques using the latest technologies to detect contamination and/or deliberate adulteration is being supported by a number of multinationals such as Waters Corporation. IP generation and spin-outs from this research is ongoing.

  • The analytical laboratories such as ASSET and diagnostic techniques developed at IGFS to carry out this research are among the best in the world and have greatly reduced the time needed to detect contamination in foodstuffs. Examples of contamination we have detected are Arsenic in Rice; Adulteration of Herbs and Spices; while examples of diagnostics we have developed can be explored through our ongoing Food Fortress research   

Researchers working under this theme:

Keywords (subject areas) in alphabetical order; click on a researcher's name to access their profile

Name Email  Grand Challenge? Keywords (subject area) Post-Doc/s?    
Prof Niamh O'Connell Farms of the Future; Global Food Integrity Animal welfare & behaviour; animal health; environmental enrichment; lameness; biosecurity; broiler chickens; pigs; dairy cows Dr Maeve Palmer, Dr Mary Baxter    
Prof Peter Leavitt Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition & Health Aquatic biology; ecosystems biology; environmental sustainability; lake and river biology; biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, and water; paleoecology; environmental change and society; coupled human-biophysical systems      
Prof Moira Dean Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition & Health Behavioural sciences; obesity; consumer behaviour; food choice; risk perception; attitudes to food; behaviour change; risk communication Dr Michelle Spence; Dr Tony Benson; Dr Fiona Lavelle; Dr Stephanie Brooks; Dr Niamh O'Kane; Dr Claire McKernan    
Prof Rudolf Krska Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health; Global Food Integrity Bioanalytics & biotoxicology; mycotoxins; organic trace analysis; plant and microbial metabolites; LC-MS/MS;  plant-fungi-metabolomics; urine biomarkers      
Prof Helen Roche

Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition & Health Diet and nutrition; nutrigenomics; inflammation and metabolism; functional foods; metabolic-inflammation; dietary fatty acids; 'nutrition, obesity and diabetes’      
Prof Chris Creevey Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health; Global Food Integrity Ecological/evolutionary genomics; microbiome; computational biology; evolution; ecology; environmental genomics; AMR; novel therapeutics; genomics  Dr Karen Siu Ting, Dr Benjamin Thomas  
Dr Lisa Connolly Food, Nutrition and Health; Global Food Integrity; Farms of the Future Endocrine disruptors; in vitro bioassays; toxicology; detection; environment; food; healti Dr Stephen Drain  
Prof Chris Elliott

Global Food Integrity Food integrity; food crime; food fraud; toxicology; food safety; food contamination; feed safety; feed contamination Dr Simon Haughey; Dr Connor Black; Dr Julie  Meneely; Dr Kevin Cooper;  Dr Marcia Monteiro; Dr Maeve Shannon; Dr Magdalena  Sliwinska-Bartel; Dr Terry McGrath; Dr Claire McVey; Dr Olivier Chevalier; Dr Annalisa Leone; Dr Leon Whiteman; Dr Olufunke Akiyode; Dr Ratnasekhar Ch; Dr Holly Montgomery; Dr Natasha Logan  
Prof Paul Brereton

Global Food Integrity; Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health Food integrity; food value; food education; EIT Food; gamification; engagement; teachers; qualitative survey; schools; educators; social media Dr Niamh O'Kane; Dr Stephanie Brooks  
Dr Katrina Campbell Global Food Integrity; Farms of the Future; Food, Nutrition and Health Food safety; biosensors; diagnostics; food supply chain; toxin analysis; biosecurity Dr Jordi Nelis, Dr Tatiana Panov, Dr Chikere Nkwonta  
Dr Tassos Koidis Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition and Health Food safety/integrity/authenticity; food science; authenticity; olive oil; vegetable oil; spectroscopy; chemometrics; big data; analytical methods development; fraud detection; black tea; processing contro; bioactive ingredients; antioxidants; polyphenols    
Dr Sarah Helyar Farms of the Future; Global Food Integrity Marine & freshwater genomics; population genetics; eDNA; metagenomics; fish; amphibians Dr Amanda Naaum  
Prof Gary Hardiman Global Food Integrity; Food, Nutrition & Health Systems biology (food); climate change; Big Omics Data; endocrine disruptors & epigenetic alterations; plasticizers in the environment; bisphenol- A; genomics of marine species; vitamin D & prostate cancer; opioid & food addiction; cystic fibrosis; non-coding RNAs; nutrition & space travel    


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