Jan - Feb 18 Events



12/01/2018 - 12/01/2018


2:00PM - 3:30PM


Graduate School, Room TR4, Queen's University, Belfast



Building an effective relationship between research and policy: The development of Shared Education in Northern Ireland

The IDRG holds a series of interdisciplinary events and workshops across the academic year for PhD students across the university. It aims to bring together postgraduate research students from across disciplines to meet, discuss and share common research interests around issues of peace, conflict, security and justice.

Speakers:        Dr Danielle Blaylock (QUB), Mark Baker (Education Authority)

As Northern Ireland transitions to a post-conflict society one area which remains deeply divided is the education system with 94% of young people attending schools along ethno-religious lines. In the past decade, shared education has become one of the main mechanisms for addressing this separation by creating strategic partnerships between the differing school sectors so that young people can participate in shared classes and activities with one another. The advancement of shared education has in large part been to the unique relationship between academics and policy makers.

Dr Danielle Blaylock will introduce the shared education model and its theoretical underpinnings, review the methods used to monitor, evaluate, and research its effectiveness, and outline the body of evidence supporting its effectiveness in promoting more positive intergroup relations. Mark Baker will discuss how shared education practitioners and academics effectively engaged with policy makers and reflect on the current state of shared education in Northern Ireland and abroad.

RSVP: Professor Rhiannon Turner /