May - Jun 17 Events

World War 1 and Muslim and Loyalist Identity


5/05/2017 - 5/05/2017


1:30PM - 5:00PM


Old Staff Common Room, Lanyon Building, QUB




This event explores contemporary Muslim and Loyalist identity through the lens of World War 1.  It concentrates on participation in the war from large numbers of Commonwealth soldiers, including many Muslims, and compares their experiences to those of the more well-known local recruits from Ulster.

The event will have contributions from the London-based think-tank British Future and the local historian and playwright Philip Orr.  Other contributions will be made by Nuala Johnson, talking about commemoration of the war in Ireland, and William Blair, from the 1914-18 Living Legacies Project, reflecting on local activities connected with the centenary of the war.

1.30pm for lunch followed at 2.00pm by workshop.

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