May - Jun 18 Events

Foreign Policy Making and Academia


22/05/2018 - 22/05/2018


11:00AM - 12:15PM


Graduate School, TR6, Queen's University Belfast



Guest Speaker: Dr Cornelia Sorabji (FCO and University College London, UCL)

Cornelia Sorabji has worked in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Cabinet Office for over 20 years, initially as FCO Research Analyst on the Balkans during the wars - her Social Anthropology PhD had been on Muslim Identity and Islamic Faith in Sarajevo. Her most recent role was as Head of Research Analysts and since April she has become part-time Counsellor Strategy & External Expertise at the FCO and part-time Professor of Political Anthropology and Public Diplomacy at University College London (UCL). 

Much of her career has focused on how expertise from outside government can inform and improve foreign policy making on conflict and non-conflict issues. She will talk about this, about anthropology, about how foreign policy making has changed, and about the changing relationship with academics. 

The IDRG holds a series of interdisciplinary events during the academic year for research students and staff across the university. It aims to bring together researchers from across disciplines to meet, discuss and share common interests around issues of peace, conflict, security and justice.

RSVP: Dr Zaheer Kazmi -