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Redemption Blues. A film by Dr Peter Stastny.


4/04/2019 - 4/04/2019


4:30PM - 6:30PM


6 College Park, Room OG/026, QUB

An excursion into the emotional landscape 70 years after the Shoah.

The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice wishes to invite you to a film screening and discussion with:
  • Dr Peter Stastny, Filmmaker and Psychiatrist
  • Dr Fiona Murphy, Mitchell Institute Research Fellow
  • Dr Katja Siedel, Lecturer, University of Vienna

Redemption Blues is a film about the thorny legacy of the Holocaust generation and the insights of some of its last survivors. The film begins where conventional Shoah narratives leave off and traces a path forward, through personal and emotional engagement towards hope.

A life-time after the Shoah:
Forgetting is not an option and memory only goes so far.
When prayers are not enough, music can keep us going.
It is not too late to mourn, and not too late to replenish.


Dr Fiona Murphy