Apr - May 2017 News

Commemorating Partition and Civil Wars in Ireland, 2020-23

Commemorating Partition and Civil Wars in Ireland, 2020-2023 is a new project run by Dr Marie Coleman and Dr Dominic Bryan at Queen’s University Belfast. The project, which is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, examines approaches to the 2020-2023 period of the ‘decade of centenaries’, on both sides of the Border.

In her introductory comments at the project’s first event - Civil Wars and their Legacy – Dr Coleman, quoting Tom Hartley, former Lord Mayor of Belfast, remarked that: “1916 is the easy bit. The hard bit is going to come when we look at 1920-1923″.

Upcoming commemorations include centenaries of the partition of Ireland, the creation of Northern Ireland, and the Irish Civil War, events which represent complex challenges in the context of commemoration, specially in Northern Ireland.

Civil Wars and their Legacy brought together a number of leading historians to Queen’s on 10 March 2017, to explore these, and other issues related to the Irish Civil War, the Finnish Civil War and the history of civil wars generally.

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