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23 January, 2017

Tyrrell Prize 2017

The Dr and Mrs Tyrrell Prize for Conflict Transformation and Social Justice

The prize is funded through a pecuniary legacy gift of £1,000 from the will of Mr Tyrrell. Mr Tyrrell graduated from Queen’s University in 1973 with a BA degree in German with Swedish. The prize is in memory of his late parents.

It is a one-off prize and will be awarded to the Masters student who completes the best project focused on a conflict situation somewhere in the developing world. The successful applicant may be pursuing his/her studies in any of the Schools which feed into the Institute.

The prize will be awarded on successful conclusion of the project and following submission of the project report or dissertation. 

It is open to full and part-time Masters students and may be granted in conjunction with any other award. The Director of  The Senator George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice will award the prize on the recommendation of the panel of three assessors and will inform the successful applicant, the relevant benefactor(s) and the Director of Development and Alumni Relations. 

The prize will be made upon submission of the project report or dissertation. Copies of the report/dissertation will be lodged with the Director of the Institute and the Director of Development and Alumni Relations.  A hard copy will also be presented to the benefactor(s) and an e-version included on the relevant area of the website.  In the event of two candidates presenting projects of equal merit, a final decision will be reached by means of interview with both candidates.

The prize may not be awarded to more than one candidate. The panel of assessors will reserve the right to defer the prize to a subsequent year should no project report or dissertation meet the required standard.