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The Good Friday Agreement remains high on the Brexit agenda, for now

ARTICLE | 11 June, 2018

Following a recent conference at Queen's University, Jamie Pow summarises some of the main themes arising from the discussions led by some of the world’s leading scholars of the Good Friday Agreement and European politics.

Forces in Mind Trust

Report | 19 June, 2018

How Counter-Insurgency Warfare Experiences Impact upon the Post-Deployment Reintegration of Land-Based British Army Personnel

Human rights at risk

Visiting Research Fellow Dr Birgit Schippers on 'Why technology puts human rights at risk'

ARTICLE | 9 July, 2018

Movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner and Terminator brought rogue robots and computer systems to our cinema screens. But these days, such classic science fiction spectacles don’t seem so far removed from reality.