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7 July, 2016

Solving the diesel pollution crisis without changing engines – a breakthrough in green technology.

Professor Martin Atkins
School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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Diesel soot is a major worldwide problem causing a variety of health and climate problems.  In 2010, more than 2.1m people in Asia died prematurely from air pollution, mostly from the minute particles of diesel soot and gasses emitted from cars and lorries. Of these deaths, says the study published in The Lancet, 1.2 million were in east Asia and China, and 712,000 in south Asia, including India. Furthermore in 2012, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared diesel emmissions as carcinogens, with regulations coming into effect as early as 2017 on their reduction.

Scientists, researchers and commercial teams at Queen’s University, Yashentech (China) and Saturn Methanol (US) have recently launched an innovative new process for the manufacture of a green solvent (dimethyl carbonate – DMC – made from CO2 and methanol) which has shown its potential to eliminate the diesel soot particles from conventional diesel engines without modifying the diesel engine.

This breakthrough technology is a drop-in solution which could eliminate health issues associated with diesel fuel and solve one of society’s key challenges with diesel fuel. Yashentech have recently completed trials in China on buses with amazing results. The team are now looking to London and other major cities in EUROPE to develop and implement this exciting new development. The team are in the process of seeking partners to move this into commercial operation and begin to engage diesel engine manufacturers, fuel companies and fleet operators to join them make this fuel additive widely available. This drop-in solution has been designed for every diesel engine new and old and can be used to good effect also in marine engines, agricultural diesels and construction equipment.




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