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Vice Chancellor’s Research Prizes

The call for applications to the 2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Research Prizes has been issued across the University. There are seven categories in the suite of prizes, each aiming to recognise and reward individuals or groupings of researchers, and research support staff, at various stages of career, who demonstrate exceptional leadership in the areas of research, engagement and impact.

We encourage applications from across all Faculties and subject areas, we have also continued the opportunity to submit nominations in all categories.

The 2021 Vice-Chancellor’s Prizes will be awarded under each of seven categories:

1. Research Impact Prize (for research-active staff that have undertaken projects with demonstrable impact beyond academia, as defined within wider UK HE policy);

2. Research Innovation Prize (for research-active staff that have undertaken pioneering research projects opening new frontiers, demonstrating novel or interdisciplinary approaches to addressing research questions);

3. Engaged Research Prize (for research-active staff or teams, including the contributions of non-academic and/or professional services staff who support research engagement activities);

4. Early Career Researcher (ECR) Prize (for researchers within 5 years of gaining an academic post, who have developed a research profile demonstrating excellence);

5. Postdoctoral Researcher Prize (for researchers on a postdoctoral research contract, who have developed a research profile demonstrating excellence);

6. Research Culture Prize (for anyone - academic or non-academic - that has made an outstanding contribution towards a more supportive, inclusive and collaborative research culture);

7. ‘Support for Research’ Prize (for non-academic staff that have made an outstanding contribution to the pursuit of research).

General Guidelines

Applications/nominations must demonstrate the significance and excellence of their research within the submission form. Individuals may nominate themselves, and may be nominated by others.

All applications must be approved by a Head of School / Institute Director before being submitted. It is required that applications are based on projects, programmes of work, or impacts that are current or which have been completed recently, and should have taken place, at least in part, as a result of research undertaken at Queen’s University Belfast.

Only one application is allowed for an individual member of staff across the scheme (although individuals can also be involved in a wider Research Culture Prize application).

If you have any further questions with regard to these Guidelines, please contact Kathryn Kavanagh,

The deadline for application is Friday 29th October 2021. 


You can download full guidelines here:

Guidelines for the Vice Chancellor's Research Prizes 2021




Alternatively application forms can be downloaded here: