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Engaged Research

academics in round table discussion, focusing on hands, laptop and educational research publications

Research Engagement Networks

Our institutional research engagement networks assist research colleagues access policy stakeholders and decision makers. The Research Impact and Engagement Team coordinate these relationships and are happy to assist colleagues and external partners.

Knowledge Exchange Seminar Series

Aiming to promote evidence-informed policy and law-making, KESS provides a forum in which academics present their research findings in a straightforward format, on issues that are relevant to governance in Northern Ireland.  It seeks to bring those findings to the attention of key participants and decision-makers, including MLAs, the wider public sector and others, in a “safe space” that encourages discussion, fosters improved understanding and seeks to enable opportunities for more in-depth engagement in future.

University Policy Engagement Network (UPEN)

In Autumn 2020 we were delighted to have our application to join the UK wide University Policy Engagement Network accepted. With a membership including the majority of research intensive universities in the country, UPEN’s mission is to harness the collective research power and leading expertise of member universities to increase public policy impact and provide a more coordinated, efficient, and enhanced offer to policymakers. The key activities of UPEN are:

  • To serve as a dedicated contact for policymakers to seek and receive expert advice
  • To organise knowledge exchange meetings with key policymaking bodies and funders
  • To work on collaborative projects with policymakers
  • To co-ordinate placement and secondment opportunities from policymakers across our members
  • To train academic staff in understanding the policymaking process, and civil servants in understanding how researchers can support them
  • To share best policy engagement practices amongst members
  • To enhance the profile of UPEN members' policy engagement activities