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Academic and Research Expertise

Academics from Queen’s have many years’ experience of researching issues of concern to migrant and minority ethnic communities.

Dr Fiona Murphy

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Indigenous politics and movements
  • Refugees and mobility studies
  • Sustainability studies
  • Trauma, memory, reconciliation
  • Mobility and resilience

Dr Ulrike M Vieten

Academic, feminist activist
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Racialisation of Others in different historical and national contexts
  • European Cosmopolitanism, gender and anti-Semitism
  • Gender and far-right populism
  • Gender and migration in Europe
  • 'New Europeans’, ethno-national minorities and citizenship
  • Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Northern Ireland
  • Loss & Displacement with a focus on Turkey

Dr Paula Devine

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey
  • Recording public attitudes to key social policy issues
  • Public attitudes to minority ethnic groups
  • Public attitudes to equality issues

Dr Timofey Agarin

Academic, Researcher
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Newcomers in Northern Ireland
  • Society integration
  • Access to education
  • Political participation
  • Representation
  • Political exclusion

Dr Ciara Close

Research Fellow
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol
  • Migrants
  • Maternity

Dr Andy Biggart

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Educational disadvantage, including among people of colour
  • Sense of belonging of schoolchildren in different ethnic groups

Dr Jocelyn Dautel

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Social categorisation
  • Religion
  • Intergroup relations

Professor Graham Ellison

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Prostitution/sex work regulation
  • Migrantion and sex work
  • Policing Northern Ireland
  • Policing and international development
  • Security sector reform in weak and failing states
  • Youth crime and offending

Professor Janice Carruthers

Academic, Professor of French Linguistics in the School of Arts, English and Languages; Arts and Humanities Priority Area Leadership Fellow for Modern Languages
Areas of Research Excellence
  • French language
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Language policy
  • Educational policy relating to language learning
  • Policy relating to community languages

Professor John Nagle

Areas of Research Excellence
  • Political Sociology
  • Conflict and peace
  • Social movements
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Nationalsim
  • Northern Ireland

Dr Aisling O'Boyle

Academic, Director of Centre for Language Education Research
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Language learning and refugee-background families, adults, children and young people
  • Community-based English Language provision
  • Teaching English to migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers
  • Language education and migration

Dr Drew Mikhael

Academic & Consultant
Areas of Research Excellence
  • Ethnic and minority politics
  • Refugees and migrants
  • Participatory methods