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Making a difference in healthcare

Our world-leading researchers focus on the development and treatment of new avenues for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of major public health problems that affect millions of people globally.

These medical problems include eye disease, diabetic complications, cardiovascular disease, antibiotic resistance and common lung illnesses such as asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis and pneumonia.

Our inter-disciplinary research delivers innovative and translational science research, alongside insightful health services discoveries, leading to real-world impact in health and healthcare, beyond the lab.


Vision and Vascular Medicine

Respiratory Medicine

Anti-microbial resistant infections

Molecular pathology and radiotherapy for cancers

Global health and healthcare delivery

Patient care and translational medicine

Nanomedicine and Biotherapeutics

Healthcare technologies and biomedical engineering

Maternal and Child Health

Chronic Illness and Palliative Care

Cancer Epidemiology

Public Health Nutrition


Our research integrates the full translational and innovation spectrum, spanning from fundamental discovery science, leveraging molecular/cellular/human models, to co-design and evaluation of health and healthcare solutions with end-users and developing innovative solutions and therapeutics to benefit industry and healthcare.

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Working in partnership across the sector and globally for improved outcomes

Our Research is funded by UKRI, NIHR, UK charities and many EU funders. Our Research partnerships with UKRI, NIHR, Wellcome Trust and other high-quality funding.

Our Research partnerships with Industry and Health and Social Care Trusts have led to increased translation of research into practice and 9 spin out companies.

Involving patients as part of our research has ensured our work is grounded in the reality of clinical conditions and their debilitating effects on individuals. We have pioneered the interaction with patient groups as an integral part of our research, such as in our Cancer Caring Coping initiative, an online intervention to support carers which is integrated into the health services of all five healthcare trusts in Northern Ireland.

International Collaborations

The University, in conjunction with China Medical University in Shenyang, China, has established the China Medical University–Queen’s University Belfast Joint College (CQC) which provides undergraduate programmes in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, degrees developed by the School of Pharmacy. 

A further educational collaboration with the Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine in Dubai is now leading to promising research links in data science, child health and infectious diseases, and Queen’s hosts PhD students from the University.

Man holding hands with child and walking along
Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation Research and Impact (CESI)

Through CESI we further our interdisciplinary research to produce robust research evidence to help improve the lives of children, families and communities.

Materials and Advanced Technologies for Healthcare (MATCH)

Through MATCH we collaborate with colleagues from Schools of Pharmacy, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and others to address the global need for smarter materials and advanced technologies to improve health outcomes in an orthopaedic setting.


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Engagement and Impact

Our staff work collaboratively with healthcare partners to change public health practice, such as in directly leading key screening services, engaging with and acting as key advisors to government departments and working with local public health agencies to co-produce and design research trials, as well as helping to shape the agendas of global health organisations such as the WHO.

We have strong relationships with the NHS and industry in which we share knowledge and facilities, helping us turn our discoveries into effective new therapies.

Our researchers work is designed to ensure maximum impact on policy, on society and on patient outcomes:

  • Use of linked data from the Agricultural Census and the main Population Census, to gain a better understanding of the health, welfare and educational issues affecting farming communities in NI
  • Demonstrated the potential impact on public health of community greenway development
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Support and Development

There is a vibrant and highly supportive research culture across the University.

Our dedicated Postdoctoral Development Centre supports training and development of all post-doctoral fellows.  We have an expanding group of postdoctoral researchers from a variety of applied health discipline backgrounds who contribute to a diversity of multidisciplinary research.

The Queen’s Fellowship Academy provides professional and career development for research fellows in the early-stage of their careers with research interests that align with current research strengths at Queen’s. 

Our Graduate School is a vibrant hub for intellectual development, exchange and collaboration, supporting postgraduates to be thinkers, communicators, innovators and leaders who are future ready.

Wellcome-Wolffson building
Research Infrastructure and Facilities

We invest millions in the development of our research facilities to ensure that our staff, students and collaborators have the very best equipment to help them in their work.

Through the new state-of-the-art KN Cheung SK Chin InterSim Centre, we will deliver world class interdisciplinary simulation based clinical education and professional development activities to hundreds of students each year. It will bring the challenging realities of modern day clinical practice to life such as acute and emergency care, chronic illness, paediatrics, mental health and maternity services, and simulate a range of environments from a hospital ward, to a resuscitation suite, outpatient department, and importantly, a patient’s home environment.

Our £32M Wellcome-Wolfson Institute for Experimental Medicine is a state-of-the-art research facility containing a large suite of open-plan multipurpose research laboratories including numerous tissue culture, molecular biology, biochemistry and microbiology laboratories.

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Promoting Equality and Diversity

Our success in Athena SWAN awards including a new Gold award and renewal of two Silver Awards, recognises our commitment to addressing gender equality, representation, progression and success for all our staff.


Queen’s is a key partner in the Belfast Region City Deal, a £1 billion investment, bringing regional government, industry and universities together to develop Northern Ireland’s economy and society.  Included within this investment are the Research Innovation projects including the Global Innovation Institute (GII; data security, informatics, analytics), the Institute for Research Excellence in Advanced Clinical Healthcare (iREACH) and the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (AMIC), all of which will present significant opportunities.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Supporting Sustainable Development Goals for Health

We are co-leading a global research programme devoted to vision and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Queen’s has long been committed to enriching society both locally and globally, and has been involved in proactively and holistically addressing the global challenges we face. 

Poor vision, the world’s largest unmet disability, affects 2.2 billion people. We are co-leading a Research programme, 'ENGINE', which will examine how an affordable, effective and widely available treatment, glasses, can help achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals across the life course.

We aim to drive lasting policy change, achieve improved quality of life for people in low and middle-income countries, and help achieve the SDGs across the world.

More on our work on Sustainable Development Goals


Latest Publications

  • Common variants in Alzheimer’s disease and risk stratification by polygenic risk scores
    • Itziar de Rojas
    • S. Moreno-Grau
    • Niccolo Tesi
    • Benjamin Grenier-Boley
    • Victor Andrade
    • Iris E. Jansen
    • Nancy L. Pedersen
    • Najada Stringa
    • Anna Zettergren
    • I. Hernández
    • Laura Montrreal
    • Carmen Antúnez
    • Anna Antonell
    • Rick M. Tankard
    • Joshua C. Bis
    • Rebecca Sims
    • Céline Bellenguez
    • I. Quintela
    • Antonio González-Perez
    • Miguel Calero
    • Emilio Franco-Macías
    • Juan Macías
    • Rafael Blesa
    • Laura Cervera-Carles
    • M. Menéndez-González
    • A. Frank-García
    • Jose Luís Royo
    • Fermin Moreno
    • Raquel Huerto Vilas
    • Miquel Baquero
    • Mónica Diez-Fairen
    • Carmen Lage
    • Sebastián García-Madrona
    • Pablo García-González
    • Emilio Alarcón-Martín
    • Sergi Valero
    • Oscar Sotolongo-Grau
    • Abbe Ullgren
    • Adam C. Naj
    • Afina W. Lemstra
    • Alba Benaque
    • Alba Pérez-Cordón
    • Alberto Benussi
    • A. Rábano
    • Alessandro Padovani
    • Alessio Squassina
    • Alexandre de Mendonça
    • Alfonso Arias Pastor
    • Almar A.L. Kok
    • Alun Meggy
    • Ana Belén Pastor
    • Ana Espinosa
    • Anaïs Corma-Gómez
    • Angel Martín Montes
    • Ángela Sanabria
    • Anita L. DeStefano
    • Anja Schneider
    • Annakaisa Haapasalo
    • Anne Kinhult Ståhlbom
    • Anne Tybjærg-Hansen
    • Annette M. Hartmann
    • Annika Spottke
    • Arturo Corbatón-Anchuelo
    • Arvid Rongve
    • Barbara Borroni
    • Beatrice Arosio
    • Benedetta Nacmias
    • Børge G. Nordestgaard
    • Brian W. Kunkle
    • Camille Charbonnier
    • Carla Abdelnour
    • Carlo Masullo
    • Carmen Martínez Rodríguez
    • Carmen Muñoz-Fernandez
    • Carole Dufouil
    • Caroline Graff
    • Catarina B. Ferreira
    • Caterina Chillotti
    • Chandra A. Reynolds
    • Chiara Fenoglio
    • Christine Van Broeckhoven
    • Christopher Clark
    • Claudia Pisanu
    • Claudia L. Satizabal
    • Clive Holmes
    • D. Buiza-Rueda
    • Dag Aarsland
    • Dan Rujescu
    • Daniel Alcolea
    • Daniela Galimberti
    • David Wallon
    • Davide Seripa
    • Edna Grünblatt
    • Efthimios Dardiotis
    • Emrah Düzel
    • Elio Scarpini
    • Elisa Conti
    • Elisa Rubino
    • Ellen Gelpi
    • Eloy Rodriguez-Rodriguez
    • Emmanuelle Duron
    • Eric Boerwinkle
    • Evelyn Ferri
    • Fabrizio Tagliavini
    • Fahri Küçükali
    • Florence Pasquier
    • Florentino Sanchez-Garcia
    • Francesca Mangialasche
    • Frank Jessen
    • Gaël Nicolas
    • Geir Selbæk
    • Gemma Ortega
    • Geneviève Chêne
    • Georgios Hadjigeorgiou
    • Giacomina Rossi
    • Gianfranco Spalletta
    • Giorgio Giaccone
    • Giulia Grande
    • Giuliano Binetti
    • Goran Papenberg
    • Harald Hampel
    • Henri Bailly
    • Henrik Zetterberg
    • Hilkka Soininen
    • Ida K. Karlsson
    • Ignacio Alvarez
    • Ildebrando Appollonio
    • Ina Giegling
    • Ingmar Skoog
    • Ingvild Saltvedt
    • Innocenzo Rainero
    • Irene Rosas Allende
    • Jakub Hort
    • Janine Diehl-Schmid
    • Jasper Van Dongen
    • Jean Sebastien Vidal
    • Jenni Lehtisalo
    • Jens Wiltfang
    • Jesper Qvist Thomassen
    • Johannes Kornhuber
    • Jonathan L. Haines
    • Jonathan Vogelgsang
    • Juan A. Pineda
    • Juan Fortea
    • Julius Popp
    • Jürgen Deckert
    • Katharina Buerger
    • Kevin Morgan
    • Klaus Fließbach
    • Kristel Sleegers
    • Laura Molina-Porcel
    • Lena Kilander
    • Leonie Weinhold
    • Lindsay A. Farrer
    • Li San Wang
    • Luca Kleineidam
    • Lucia Farotti
    • Lucilla Parnetti
    • Lucio Tremolizzo
    • Lucrezia Hausner
    • Luisa Benussi
    • Lutz Froelich
    • M. Arfan Ikram
    • M. Candida Deniz-Naranjo
    • Magda Tsolaki
    • Maitée Rosende-Roca
    • Malin Löwenmark
    • Marc Hulsman
    • Marco Spallazzi
    • Margaret A. Pericak-Vance
    • Margaret Esiri
    • María Bernal Sánchez-Arjona
    • Maria Carolina Dalmasso
    • María Teresa Martínez-Larrad
    • Marina Arcaro
    • Markus M. Nöthen
    • Marta Fernández-Fuertes
    • Martin Dichgans
    • Martin Ingelsson
    • Martin J. Herrmann
    • Martin Scherer
    • Martin Vyhnalek
    • Mary H. Kosmidis
    • Mary Yannakoulia
    • Matthias Schmid
    • Michael Ewers
    • Michael T. Heneka
    • Michael Wagner
    • Michela Scamosci
    • Miia Kivipelto
    • Mikko Hiltunen
    • Miren Zulaica
    • Montserrat Alegret
    • Myriam Fornage
    • Natalia Roberto
    • Natasja M. van Schoor
    • Nazib M. Seidu
    • Nerisa Banaj
    • Nicola J. Armstrong
    • Nikolaos Scarmeas
    • Norbert Scherbaum
    • Oliver Goldhardt
    • Oliver Hanon
    • Oliver Peters
    • Olivia Anna Skrobot
    • Olivier Quenez
    • Ondrej Lerch
    • Paola Bossù
    • Paolo Caffarra
    • Paolo Dionigi Rossi
    • Paraskevi Sakka
    • Per Hoffmann
    • Peter A. Holmans
    • Peter Fischer
    • Peter Riederer
    • Qiong Yang
    • Rachel Marshall
    • Rajesh N. Kalaria
    • Richard Mayeux
    • Rik Vandenberghe
    • Roberta Cecchetti
    • Roberta Ghidoni
    • Ruth Frikke-Schmidt
    • Sandro Sorbi
    • Sara Hägg
    • Sebastiaan Engelborghs
    • Seppo Helisalmi
    • Sigrid Botne Sando
    • Silke Kern
    • Silvana Archetti
    • Silvia Boschi
    • Silvia Fostinelli
    • Silvia Gil
    • Silvia Mendoza
    • Simon Mead
    • Simona Ciccone
    • Srdjan Djurovic
    • Stefanie Heilmann-Heimbach
    • Steffi Riedel-Heller
    • Teemu Kuulasmaa
    • Teodoro del Ser
    • Thibaud Lebouvier
    • Thomas Polak
    • Tiia Ngandu
    • Timo Grimmer
    • Valentina Bessi
    • Valentina Escott-Price
    • Vilmantas Giedraitis
    • Vincent Deramecourt
    • Wolfgang Maier
    • Xueqiu Jian
    • Yolande A.L. Pijnenburg
    • A. David Smith
    • Aldo Saenz
    • Alessandra Bizzarro
    • Alessandra Lauria
    • Alessandro Vacca
    • Alina Solomon
    • Anna Anastasiou
    • Anna Richardson
    • Anne Boland
    • Anne Koivisto
    • Antonio Daniele
    • Antonio Greco
    • Arnaoutoglou Marianthi
    • Bernadette McGuinness
    • Bertrand Fin
    • Camilla Ferrari
    • Carlo Custodero
    • Carlo Ferrarese
    • Carlos Ingino
    • Carlos Mangone
    • Carlos Reyes Toso
    • Carmen Martínez
    • Carolina Cuesta
    • Carolina Muchnik
    • Catharine Joachim
    • Cecilia Ortiz
    • Céline Besse
    • Charlotte Johansson
    • Chiara Paola Zoia
    • Christoph Laske
    • Costas Anastasiou
    • Dana Lis Palacio
    • Daniel G. Politis
    • Daniel Janowitz
    • David Craig
    • David M. Mann
    • David Neary
    • Deckert Jürgen
    • Delphine Daian
    • Diyana Belezhanska
    • Eduardo Kohler
    • Eduardo M. Castaño
    • Effrosyni Koutsouraki
    • Elena Chipi
    • Ellen De Roeck
    • Emanuele Costantini
    • Emma R.L.C. Vardy
    • Fabrizio Piras
    • Fausto Roveta
    • Federica Piras
    • Federico Ariel Prestia
    • Francesca Assogna
    • Francesca Salani
    • Gessica Sala
    • Giordano Lacidogna
    • Gisela Novack
    • Gordon Wilcock
    • Håkan Thonberg
    • Heike Kölsch
    • Heike Weber
    • Henning Boecker
    • Ignacio Etchepareborda
    • Irene Piaceri
    • Jaakko Tuomilehto
    • Jaana Lindström
    • Jan Laczo
    • Janet Johnston
    • Jean François Deleuze
    • Jenny Harris
    • Jonathan M. Schott
    • Josef Priller
    • Juan Ignacio Bacha
    • Julie Snowden
    • Julieta Lisso
    • Kalina Yonkova Mihova
    • Latchezar Traykov
    • Laura Morelli
    • Luis Ignacio Brusco
    • Malik Rainer
    • Mari Takalo
    • Maria Bjerke
    • Maria Del Zompo
    • Maria Serpente
    • Mariana Sanchez Abalos
    • Mario Rios
    • Markku Peltonen
    • Martin J. Herrman
    • Mary H. Kosmidis
    • Matias Kohler
    • Matias Rojo
    • Matthew Jones
    • Michela Orsini
    • Nancy Medel
    • Natividad Olivar
    • Nick C. Fox
    • Nicola Salvadori
    • Nigel M. Hooper
    • Pablo Galeano
    • Patricia Solis
    • Patrizia Bastiani
    • Patrizia Mecocci
    • Peter Passmore
    • Reinhard Heun
    • Riitta Antikainen
    • Robert Olaso
    • Robert Perneczky
    • Sandra Germani
    • Sara López-García
    • Seth Love
    • Shima Mehrabian
    • Silvia Bagnoli
    • Silvia Kochen
    • Simona Andreoni
    • Stefan Teipel
    • Stephen Todd
    • Stuart Pickering-Brown
    • Teemu Natunen
    • Thomas Tegos
    • Tiina Laatikainen
    • Timo Strandberg
    • Tuomo M. Polvikoski
    • Vaclav Matoska
    • Valentina Ciullo
    • Valeria Cores
    • Vincenzo Solfrizzi
    • Viviana Lisetti
    • Zulma Sevillano
    • C. Abdelnour
    • N. Aguilera
    • E. Alarcon
    • M. Alegret
    • A. Benaque
    • M. Boada
    • M. Buendia
    • P. Cañabate
    • A. Carracedo
    • A. Corbatón-Anchuelo
    • I. de Rojas
    • S. Diego
    • A. Espinosa
    • A. Gailhajenet
    • P. García-González
    • S. Gil
    • M. Guitart
    • A. González-Pérez
    • I. Hernández
    • M. Ibarria
    • A. Lafuente
    • J. Macias
    • O. Maroñas
    • E. Martín
    • M. T. Martínez
    • M. Marquié
    • A. Mauleón
    • L. Montrreal
    • S. Moreno-Grau
    • M. Moreno
    • A. Orellana
    • G. Ortega
    • A. Pancho
    • E. Pelejá
    • A. Pérez-Cordon
    • J. A. Pineda
    • S. Preckler
    • I. Quintela
    • Luis M. Real
    • M. Rosende-Roca
    • A. Ruiz
    • M. E. Sáez
    • A. Sanabria
    • M. Serrano-Rios
    • O. Sotolongo-Grau
    • L. Tárraga
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    • L. Vargas
    • A. D. Adarmes-Gómez
    • E. Alarcón-Martín
    • M. D. Alonso
    • I. Álvarez
    • V. Álvarez
    • G. Amer-Ferrer
    • M. Antequera
    • C. Antúnez
    • M. Baquero
    • M. Bernal
    • R. Blesa
    • M. Boada
    • D. Buiza-Rueda
    • M. J. Bullido
    • J. A. Burguera
    • M. Calero
    • F. Carrillo
    • M. Carrión-Claro
    • M. J. Casajeros
    • Jordi Clarimón
    • J. M. Cruz-Gamero
    • M. M. de Pancorbo
    • I. de Rojas
    • T. del Ser
    • M. Diez-Fairen
    • R. Escuela
    • L. Garrote-Espina
    • J. Fortea
    • E. Franco-Macías
    • A. Frank-García
    • J. M. García-Alberca
    • S. Garcia Madrona
    • Guillermo Garcia-Ribas
    • P. Gómez-Garre
    • I. Hernández
    • S. Hevilla
    • S. Jesús
    • M. A. Labrador Espinosa
    • C. Lage
    • A. Legaz
    • A. Lleó
    • A. Lopez de Munain
    • S. López-García
    • D. Macias-García
    • S. Manzanares
    • M. Marín
    • J. Marín-Muñoz
    • T. Marín
    • M. Marquié
    • A. Martín Montes
    • B. Martínez
    • C. Martínez
    • V. Martínez
    • P. Martínez-Lage Álvarez
    • M. Medina
    • M. Mendioroz Iriarte
    • M. Menéndez-González
    • P. Mir
    • J. L. Molinuevo
    • P. Pastor
    • J. Pérez Tur
    • T. Periñán-Tocino
    • R. Pineda-Sanchez
    • G. Piñol-Ripoll
    • A. Rábano
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    • E. Rodríguez-Rodríguez
    • J. L. Royo
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    • R. Sanchez del Valle Díaz
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    • R. Vigo-Ortega
    • L. Vivancos
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    • Carol Brayne
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    • Judith Phillips
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    • Vanessa Burholt
    • Iris E. Jansen
    • Arvid Rongve
    • Patrick Gavin Kehoe
    • Guillermo Garcia-Ribas
    • Pascual Sánchez-Juan
    • Pau Pastor
    • Jordi Pérez-Tur
    • Gerard Piñol-Ripoll
    • Adolfo Lopez de Munain
    • Jose María García-Alberca
    • María J. Bullido
    • Victoria Álvarez
    • Alberto Lleó
    • Luis M. Real
    • Pablo Mir
    • Miguel Medina
    • Philip Scheltens
    • Henne Holstege
    • Marta Marquié
    • María Eugenia Sáez
    • Ángel Carracedo
    • Philippe Amouyel
    • Gerard D. Schellenberg
    • Julie Williams
    • Sudha Seshadri
    • Cornelia M. van Duijn
    • Karen A. Mather
    • Raquel Sánchez-Valle
    • Manuel Serrano-Ríos
    • Adelina Orellana
    • Lluís Tárraga
    • Kaj Blennow
    • Martijn Huisman
    • Ole A. Andreassen
    • Danielle Posthuma
    • Jordi Clarimón
    • Mercè Boada
    • Wiesje M. van der Flier
    • Alfredo Ramirez
    • Jean Charles Lambert
    • Sven J. van der Lee
    • Agustín Ruiz
    1 December 2021
  • Need of gastrointestinal surgery in cystic fibrosis? Do not forget the chest!
    • John E Moore
    • Beverley C Millar
    1 December 2021
  • 3D-printed patient-specific pelvis phantom for dosimetry measurements for prostate stereotactic radiotherapy with dominant intraprostatic lesion boost
    December 2021
  • Investigating the physical activity, health, wellbeing, social and environmental effects of a new urban greenway: a natural experiment (the PARC study)
    December 2021
  • The importance of the epithelial fibre cell interface to lens regeneration in an in vivo rat model and in a human bag-in-the-lens (BiL) sample
    • Weiju Wu
    • Noemi Lois
    • Alan R. Prescott
    • Adrian P. Brown
    • Veerle Van Gerwen
    • Marie José Tassignon
    • Shane A. Richards
    • Christopher D. Saunter
    • Miguel Jarrin
    • Roy A. Quinlan
    December 2021
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