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Northern Ireland Admissions 2020

This week, the University has issued confirmed offers to a number of prospective undergraduate students across Northern Ireland. Those applicants now have a guaranteed place at Queen’s, should they choose to accept it, and it is not conditional on their calculated grades scheduled to be published in August 2020.

The confirmed offers have been issued to applicants to non-quota controlled courses* who previously held a conditional offer, have already selected Queen’s as their firm (first) choice and have subsequently been identified by a rigorous assessment of their academic data. Applicants who still hold a conditional offer (i.e. have not received a confirmed offer) will have their place at the University confirmed if they meet the conditions of their offer when calculated grades are released in August. The University is committed to ensuring there is no detriment to any students as a result of this intervention.

The University has taken this unprecedented step as a result of the unique circumstances this year and for the following reasons;

  • To provide clarity and alleviate anxiety for as many offer-holders as possible in what has been a very uncertain and unsettling year.
  • To protect the talent pipeline for the Northern Ireland economy. More than ever, Northern Ireland needs its young people to remain here and be part of the recovery.
  • Universities in NI are operating in a market which is becoming increasingly competitive as a result of interventions elsewhere. We need to be agile and respond to this appropriately to ensure opportunities for our young people in the short-term and a quality, equipped talent pipeline in the long-term.

The students were selected to receive confirmed offers on the basis of a rigorous, evidence-based statistical analysis using a wide range of information that the University holds on its offer-holders regarding their academic performance to date. The methodology has been carefully developed to ensure equity and fairness. More detail below.

Our approach complements the calculated grades process which the pupils will receive in August and the University will honour all offers made to those applicants who achieve the required grades next month.

It is important to emphasise that this approach is very different from the issuing of ‘unconditional offers’ that has become widespread across the sector much earlier in the recruitment cycle in recent years. The applicants receiving these confirmed offers had already selected Queen’s as their firm (first) choice and have completed their studies. The process to select which applicants have their place confirmed has been underpinned by a robust statistical analysis.

* Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Midwifery, Social Work, Higher Level Apprenticeships and Foundation Degrees are excluded.

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