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Central Laser Facility Proton Experiment : Boris Odlozilik

SPaRK Researcher Boris Odlozilik recently attended an experiment at Oxfordshire, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL), Central Laser Facility (CLF). Read his account here.

I was a part of the Queen’s research group conducting the Post-acceleration of protons in helical coil targets experiment.

I was mostly manufacturing, adjusting and aligning targets used to produce and accelerate protons produced in laser-matter interactions. For the first few days I was in charge of the most important diagnostics used throughout the experiment. Then I taught one of my colleagues how to use this type of detector and he was focusing on it for the rest of the experiment while I learned a lot about targetry and eventually was in charge of that for the rest of the experiment. Every member of the team was helping out others, if needed, while simultaneously focusing on their respective parts. This was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and skills between the team members and gain some experience in operating high power laser facility.

The experiment was attended by researchers from Queen’s Centre for Plasma Physics in addition to researchers from Dusseldorf. A further two experiments at the facility have been approved.

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