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Lucia Klencakova presents at the 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence in Oslo

SPaRK researcher Lucia Klencakova recently presented at the 3rd European Conference on Domestic Violence in Oslo. Read her fascinating account here.

I was honoured to attend and present part of my research at the ECDV this September in Norway. I met so many kind, supportive and intelligent people who relentlessly fight to eliminate all kinds of violence worldwide. The vast majority of experts in this field seem to have some kind of experience with violence, whether it’d be personal or professional, which is what made this event incredible and very special.

Many eminent personalities delivered a key note, including Dr. Siri Thoresen, an expert on military psychology and a senior researcher at Norwegian Center for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies, Professors Rebecca and Russell Dobash, experts in criminology and violence against women, and Frank Mullane, the CEO of Advocacy After Fatal Domestic Abuse, UK. Truly, the biggest reward was to attend speeches and to network with scholars who played a crucial role in Domestic Violence research.

Dr. Christine Barter, the Connect Centre for International Research on Interpersonal Violence and Harm, University of Central Lancashire (UK), who is a senior academic with a distinguished international reputation in research on intimate violence in young people’s relationships, empowered the audience to see past youth violence as a serious social issue to see that tackling violence in young people’s relationships is possible. Sharing her knowledge enabled me to resolve some of the struggles concerning my own research.

It was a privilege to meet many significant personalities from the industry, such as Professor Marianne Hester, an expert with decades of experience in DV and abuse, Dr. Rebecca Macy, Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Family Violence who is an expert in community-based IPV, SV and human trafficking studies, and Dr. Carolina Överlien, an expert on violence and sexual abuse of children and adolescents at NKVTS, who also came to see my presentation and encouraged me to publish the systematic review I presented.

The overall experience was fascinating and empowering. I gained so much knowledge about violence and its impact, and learned about amazing projects centred around intervention and prevention, toxic masculinity, global prevalence and diverse types of violence. Norway is such a progressive country with breath taking views and pleasant people

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