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Lucia Klencakova visits the United Nations HQ in Geneva

SPaRK researcher Lucia Klencakova recently visited the United Nations HQ in Geneva Read her fascinating account here.

In July 2019, Lucia travelled to Germany for the European Network on Gender Violence annual conference. In preparation for the conference and her travels to Switzerland afterwards, she made a contact with Ms. Flores, who works for the World Health Organization in Geneva. She was very kind to offer Lucia a tour of the United Nations as well as the WHO, both frequently cited in Lucia’s research.

“This was a unique experience for me as an early career researcher, who dreams of working for the UN one day. Both sites are beautiful and spacious, and the level of diversity is astonishing.” Lucia was informed about the work that the UN, the WHO and their sister organizations currently do. One of the most exciting things was to sit in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room at the Palace of Nations in Geneva.

The most interesting thing about the tour, however, was to learn about the UN’s sustainable development goals, including poverty and hunger, clean water and good health. Among the UN’s top six objectives is to also ensure wellbeing, quality education and gender equality, which are also the main objectives of Lucia’s research that deals with eliminating violence, tackling societal stereotypes and providing equal opportunities within educational systems.   

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