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MCAA Sixth General Assembly and Annual Conference in Vienna - Goncalo Rosas da Silva

Goncalo Rosas da Silva recently attended the MCAA Sixth General Assembly and Annual Conference in Vienna. Read his account here.

A few months into my PhD, I realised that one of the best aspects of being an MSCA fellow is undoubtedly the access it provides to the Marie Curie Alumni Association. I have been an active member of this community ever since, and had my first opportunity to interact with 500-800 other members on the 24th and 25th of February (2019), at the Sixth General Assembly and Annual Conference in Vienna.

I was fortunate enough to attend a multitude of conferences and workshops with the main building of the University of Vienna setting a stunningly-beautiful backdrop. My personal favourite of these was a session on the future of research that broached every topic from citizen science through videogames to science as a pure, publisher-less transaction. Other meetings ranged in theme from personal well-being and branding to policy, public engagement, career planning and data dissemination. Both Keynotes (Themis Christophidou, the European Commission’s Director-general of Education, Youth, Sport and Culture and Sabine Herlitschka, CEO of Infineon Technologies Austria) were also extremely enjoyable.

Networking opportunities were plentiful, especially during the event’s gala dinner in the basement of the Vienna City Hall at the end of the first day. During this dinner, I also met up with some friends and collaborators with whom I am organising an event for the MCAA (UK Chapter) at the University of Cambridge.

Particularly worthy of note, during the second day I was a willing test subject for a (relatively) new and eco-friendly approach to data presentation. A room was booked and everybody got to present their digital posters for one minute and answer any question the others had about their work. I was surprised by the breadth of topics discussed, and further discussed my project with some fellow students afterwards. 

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