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Spark researcher at Northern Ireland Science Festival

Alvaro Carcamo Martinez is completing a PhD in Pharmacy, he recently helped to organise an event as part of Northern Ireland Science Festival, read his account of the event below.

“Belfast is on the brink of a pandemic - the airborne HULC (Human Unidentified Luminous Contagion) virus is sweeping across the city”

Those lines described the outreach event run by colleagues working at the Queen’s Medical Biology Centre and myself, where around 50 people, from kids to adults, had the chance to join us in the fight agains this new virus and the journey from Discovery to Recovery. The event involved identifying the contagion, treating the infected victims, developing a cure and designing a public health campaign to prevent the spread of further infection.

The station where I participated - developing a cure - addressed the role of pharmacist on the development of new medicines, making them run some experiments, similar to the ones I am doing within my research. Hence, a perfect instance to disseminate to the general public what we are doing at Queen’s and showing them the impact that medical research can have in people’s life…..and on top of all the fun I had with the kids attending the event, we had some “post-pandemic” pizza, after 3 hours of experiments it was really needed!

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