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The Graduate School offers an intellectual and social hub that connects students across all disciplines to one another, and to mentors, leaders, and employers within the University and beyond. We support you in becoming ‘what’s next thinkers’, training you to be thinkers, communicators, innovators and leaders who are future-ready.

rows of computers in the quiet study area of the graduate school


Based in the beautifully restored and remodelled Victorian Lynn library, this fully accessible space has a wide variety of modern facilities, including;

hi-tech meeting and group study rooms, a silent-study area and social spaces creating a vibrant hub for intellectual exchange and collaboration.

two male students laughing and discussing their research at a poster competition in the Graduate school


You’ll benefit from our collaborations with leaders across business, government and the voluntary sector, both locally and globally

helping to create mentoring relationships and networks, and we enjoy international partnerships with other Graduate Schools.

group of Malaysian students chatting in the open study area of the Graduate school


We are a community of creative thinkers and world changers, collectively searching for solutions to create a better tomorrow

This is the place where physicists work alongside linguists to develop leadership skills, where medics collaborate with creative artists to communicate their research to a non-specialist audience, and where engineers seek the perspectives of philosophers to tackle global challenges.

a female student with glasses smiling whilst listening to another student explain their research


We provide high-quality, transdisciplinary training and development programmes that aim to make you stand out in an increasingly competitive local and global job market

We’ll help you become future leaders byproviding the conditions for you to apply your knowledge to real-world challenges,giving you the confidence and skills to gain an edge in employability.

Become part of our community