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What are the tuition fees?

UK/EU fees: £4,327 per year

International fees: £16,300 per year

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Northern Ireland (NI) £TBC
England, Scotland or Wales (GB) £TBC
Other (non-UK) EU £TBC
International £16,950

More information on postgraduate tuition fees.

Accounting costs

There are no specific additional course costs associated with this programme.


All Students

Depending on the programme of study, there may also be other extra costs which are not covered by tuition fees, which students will need to consider when planning their studies . Students can borrow books and access online learning resources from any Queen's library. If students wish to purchase recommended texts, rather than borrow them from the University Library, prices per text can range from £30 to £100. Students should also budget between £30 to £100 per year for photocopying, memory sticks and printing charges. Students may wish to consider purchasing an electronic device; costs will vary depending on the specification of the model chosen. There are also additional charges for graduation ceremonies, and library fines. In undertaking a research project students may incur costs associated with transport and/or materials, and there will also be additional costs for printing and binding the thesis. There may also be individually tailored research project expenses and students should consult directly with the School for further information.


1.PhD Funded Opportunities

Find PhD funding opportunities and studentships by subject area.

2.Doctoral Training Centres at Queen's

Queen's has seven outstanding competitive Doctoral Training Centres, with each one providing funding for a number of PhD positions and more importantly a hub for carrying out world class research in key disciplines.

3.New UK PhD loans

The UK Government will introduce new doctoral loans of up to £25,000 for PhDs and equivalent postgraduate research programmes from 2019. Loans will be offered to English-resident students to study all types of doctorate at universities across the UK.

4.International Scholarships

Information on scholarships for international students.



Studying for a postgraduate research degree at Queen's University is a rewarding experience which will require dedication as well as financial investment. The fees you will pay during your studies will cover costs associated with teaching, examinations and assessment. To help you understand postgraduate research fees as easily as possible and enable you to begin your journey into postgraduate research, this page will break down related costs and funding sources.

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Research degree fees at Queen's University for the academic year 2019/20 are:

Postgraduate Research

Standard Full-time fee: Not set (previously £4,327 in 2019/20)

The full-time standard postgraduate research tuition fees, for students from Northern Ireland, Great Britain or the rest of the European Union, for 2020/21 have not yet been set. These will be set in early 2020. 

The standard tuition fee for 2019/20 was £4,327 for one year of study.

The fee will be calculated on a monthly basis, pro-rated for the academic year, based on the month a student commences study.


Part-time research students are assessed, as such, on the basis that they are studying less than 21 hours per week, over a period of more than 18 weeks, on the course of study. 

The tuition fee is calculated at 50% of the full-time tuition fee.


A student who has completed research and is engaged in writing up a thesis will be charged a thesis only charge £305.

International Postgraduate Research

Students first enrolling in 2020/21. Tuition fees relate to one year of study

FR1 (classroom) £16,950
FR2 (laboratory) £21,300

All tuition fees are subject to a 2% annual inflationary uplift.