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Stephen won the ‘UK National Poetry 2017’ competition for his poem ‘The Curfew’. This prestigious award has previously been won by former Queen’s academics Medbh McGuckian and Sinead Morrissey, who won in 1979 and 2009 respectively.

PHOTO: Stephen Sexton
Queen’s has provided me with many exciting opportunities and the chance to meet and talk to many internationally renowned writers. I’ve also made many great friends here and enjoyed the entire university experience. A recent highlight for me was when I attended a Seamus Heaney commemorative conference, in which I got a wider understanding of the worldwide significance of Heaney’s works. Stephen Sexton
Phd Poetry and Creative Writing


Soo Pong Chua, PhD Anthropology (1982)
Senior Consultant, SIM University in Singapore

Carolyn Jess-Cooke, BA English (2000), MA Creative Writing (2001) and PhD (2004)
Poet, novelist, lecturer in Creative Writing

Kasia Glowicka, PhD Music and Sonic Arts (2008)
Composer and lecturer in computer music, Royal Conservatory of Brussels

Gordon Ingram, PhD Cognition and Culture (2008)
Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Los Andes, Colombia

Catriona Arlow Connolly, PhD Education (2015)
Senior Client Solutions Analyst, Allen & Overy, Belfast

PHOTO: Erin Hinson (Colorado, USA)
When I chose to pursue Irish Studies at Queen’s, I felt the interdisciplinary focus of the program would best suit my interests in history, anthropology, politics, and art. I chose to study at the Institute because of its reputation as a leading research centre in the UK. What made the experience most valuable was the incredible support from the staff and Faculty at the Institute, who have helped me throughout my time at Queen’s. Erin Hinson (Colorado, USA)
MA and PhD Irish Studies, Vice President of Research Development