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Why did you choose Queen's for Postgraduate study?

Queen's offered a more appealing course (better modules) than the equivalent in other universities in Ireland. I also won a scholarship which was applicable here, allowing me to study abroad.

Jasmine Watson, MA Film & Visual Studies - Naas, Ireland


Having undertaken my primary degree in Politics through Queen's, I valued the high quality of teaching and the world class facilities the campus offers.  The course I chose for my current postgraduate studies was very highly regarded amongst similar courses across the UK.

Nick Salt, MSc Planning and Development - Northern Ireland


A combination of Belfast being a pretty amazing student city and the fact that the MRes course seemed like the most interesting of the MRes courses available at UK universities.

Josephine Flynn, MRes Social Research - Coventry, England

What is Belfast like to live and study in?

Titanic visitor centre

Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Rachael Stockdale - PhD French

People here want to welcome and get to know you - there are so many groups and communities to get involved with.

Belfast is an exciting city, and there are also endless options to explore the rest of Northern Ireland at weekends.

"I'm a 'mature' student who has lived outside Northern Ireland for 2 decades and studied elsewhere. Belfast is the friendliest city and Queen's is an exceptionally well resourced institution with staff who care."

Louisa Orr, Translation - Northern Ireland

Living and studying in Belfast has been great so far. All lecturers and classmates are very friendly and approachable. In general, people in Belfast are very polite and friendly.

Monika Dutt, MSc Molecular pathology of cancer - London, England


I think it's a great city to study in - lots going on around the university area with affordable cafes, restaurants and arts events near by. The city centre is very accessible and I feel very comfortable wandering about the university area.

Heather Orr, MA Applied Behavioural Analysis - Belfast, Northern Ireland


I do not reside in Belfast, however, the University is within good distance for me to travel to and from the facility.  I am inspired by the McClay library and its remarkable staff who are always very supportive and on hand to help.  The library offers variegated areas to study, and has a wide array of up-to-date literature.  In addition, now that I am in Postgraduate study, I get the opportunity to use the beautiful facilities at the newly opened Graduate school.

Debbie Hawkins, MRES Social Research Skills - Newcastle, Northern Ireland


What do you get up to in your spare time?

800-giants causeway


Sabir Sabide - MA International Relations

There are many breathtaking places nearby to visit for refreshing your mind, such as the Ulster Museum, Belfast City Hall, Rope Bridge and Giant's Causeway.

Dublin and London are also not too far away to reach for a short vacation.

In my spare time, I am a keen mountaineering enthusiast and enjoy rock climbing in the Mourne Mountains.  I also enjoy photography and love taking scenic photos of nature and sunrises from the heights of Slieve Donard.

Debbie Hawkins, MRES Social Research Skills - Newcastle, Northern Ireland


I row for the University which takes up most of my spare time. The social side of rowing is great craic. I've met plenty of great people and it's the perfect release from studying.

Gareth Gray, MSc Software Development - Belfast, Northern Ireland


There are many choices for how to spend your spare time here - at Queen's alone there are endless sports, social clubs, university societies, language classes, new hobby and and health and wellbeing options.

Rachael Stockdale, PhD French - Newcastle, Northern Ireland

Why would you recommend Queen's?



Jasmine Watson - MA Film & Visual Studies

Queen's pushes you to achieve your very best; it's a very prestigious university, but at the same time, the faculty and your colleagues are the most supportive and engaging people you'll encounter.

World class, supportive and future-orientated staff and facilities will give you the head start you need in your chosen career path.

Nick Salt, MSc Planning and Development - Northern Ireland


It's a great place to study, packed with a variety of resources and available staff to allow students to develop their academic life.

Daniel Willis, PhD Film Studies - Northern Ireland


Studying at Queen's provides you with a multitude of opportunities, as well as a fantastic academic grounding for future careers and development.

Rebecca Sweeney, LLM Human Rights and Criminal Justice - Scotland


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