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Tuition Fees

I am being sponsored but I have received a statement for my fees.  What do I do now?

Please forward your letter of sponsorship to the Student Finance Office, Student Guidance Centre.  An invoice will then be sent directly to your sponsor. Please note Sponsor Letters must be submitted no later than 12th October 2018. Failure to submit the letter will result in the debt reverting to the Student.

I am getting a fee loan to pay my fees but I have received a reminder letter saying my fees are due.  What do I do now?

Please contact the Helpdesk on 028 9097 3223 or call to the Student Finance Office, Student Guidance Centre, immediately. 

Queen's Bursaries

I think I am entitled to a bursary but I haven't got any notification yet.  What should I do?

You must complete an application for student support (PN1/PR1) and give consent to share information.  If this has already been completed you need to check with your Local Education Authority to check on the progress of your application. Please ensure you give Queen's University Belfast access to your information by ticking Section 13.

How does my Queen's Bursary get paid?

If you are entitled to the Queen's Bursary you will receive a letter from the Student Loans Company on Queen's University headed paper informing you of the amount of bursary you are to receive and also the payment date.  Payment of Queen's Bursaries are made by the Student Loans Company.

I am entitled to a Student Experience Bursary.  Where do I get this?

If you are entitled to a Student Experience Bursary you will receive an e-mail confirming this and you will be able to spend this via your valid student card. The Student Experience Bursary can be spent, upon presentation of your student card, in the following areas

  • Membership of Queens's Sport
  • The Queen's Film Theatre
  • A range of extra-curricular activities, under the Degree Plus programme
  • Printing on campus and at the Computer Shop in the McClay Library
  • Purchase of books from Blackwell's Shop at 42 University Street, Belfast (from September 2018).
  • Purchase stationery and branded items at the Students' Shop
  • The Welcome Centre

The £100 bursary is not redeemable against any other University facilities, or for cash.  Expenditure incurred on the above, will be deducted automatically from your Student Card.