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GB Scholarship 2020 FAQs

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General Information

Do I have to apply for the Scholarship Plus Award?

No, if you meet the criteria you will be identified and contacted automatically by the University in June.

What if I am successful in gaining a place in Queen’s but I decide to defer my entry. Can I still get the scholarship next year?

If you are successful in deferring your entry you will receive the scholarship the following academic year upon your full enrolment provided the scholarship is still in place.  Your scholarship benefits are based on the year of entry.

When do I have to inform the University of my choice of option for the scholarship?

All eligible students will be contacted by Queen’s in June to choose which option they prefer.

Can I switch between options after I have confirmed my decision?

No, once confirmed, switching between options will not be allowed at any stage so make sure you consider which option is best for you.

Will I receive the scholarship if I am on a placement/Erasmus/Study Abroad year?

Students will receive the scholarship per full fee-paying year.

When will I know if I have been awarded the scholarship?

We will contact you in September to let you know if you have been successful in gaining the scholarship and which band you fall into.

When will I next be contacted regarding the scholarship?

Once you select your preferred option for the scholarship in June we will contact you again in September to let you know if you have been successful.

Are my BTECs eligible and if so what band do I fall in to / Are my Scottish Highers eligible and if so what band do I fall in to?

Yes, BTECs and Scottish Highers are eligible. Your band will depend on the grades you achieve. To find our which band you would fall into based on your grades please contact

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If I receive the scholarship, how will this affect my accommodation?

You should go ahead and apply for your preferred accommodation, if you choose the Elms Standard room you will be automatically upgraded to Elms Standard Ensuite Room. If you choose Elms Standard Ensuite, Premier or Premier Ensuite rooms you will not receive an upgrade in room but your room rate will be discounted by £14.00 per week for the 38-week contract.

What’s included in the Free Bedding and Kitchen pack?

The bedding pack includes a pillow and pillow cover, duvet and duvet cover, sheet and a mattress protector.

The kitchen pack includes a saucepan, dinner and side plate, cereal bowl, mug, knife, fork, dessert and teaspoon.

When does the 38-week accommodation contract begin?

It begins on the 14th September 2020.

What if I have applied for the Elms Standard room and an upgrade is not available?

If you have applied for the Elms Standard room and an upgrade to Elms Standard Ensuite, Premier or Premier Ensuite is not available your room rate will be discounted by £14.00 per week for the duration of your 38-week contract.

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How are the cost of my 3 flights home per year calculated?

A cash amount of £280 will be paid in October each year towards the cost of 3 flights home.

How much will I receive towards shipping of luggage?

A cash amount of £61 based on Parcel Force 30Kg rate will be paid to you in October.

Will I have to produce receipts of flights, luggage etc?

No, you will automatically receive the £280 for flights and £61 for luggage by cheque in October.

Are payments always made by BACS?

Usually payment is made by BACS, alternatively if you are unable to provide your bank details a cheque can be collected from the university.

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Other Benefits

How will I be notified about the other benefits (Queen’s Sport Off Peak Membership, Queen's Film Theatre Movie Pass)?

We will arrange a time early in the first semester for you to pick up your membership cards from Queen’s Sport and the Queen's Film Theatre.

What is the value of the Queen's Film Theatre voucher?

The voucher is to the value of £108, which can be used for 27 student ticket visits.


This information, including cash amounts, is correct for 2020/21 entry