Clearing success stories

Clearing student, Joshua Popham

Joshua Popham, Brighton

Studying Languages

"I was guaranteed accommodation"

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successful clearing student, Jacob Robinson

Jacob Robinson, Newcastle

Studying Aerospace Engineering

"I wanted a Russell Group University"

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Clearing student, Megan Rossiter

Megan Rossiter, Isle of Man

Studying English

"It was the best decision I ever made"

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Alishia O'Boyle from Isle of Man

Alishia O'Boyle, Isle of Man

Studying Law

"Belfast offered something different"

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Clearing student, Will Hancock

Will Hancock, Carmarthen

Studying Biological Sciences

"I had nowhere to go before Queen's!"

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Jacob’s Story


Jacob was disappointed with one of his grades but still wanted to go to a Russell Group University. On results day, Queen’s was the first university to contact him. 


I was sick of being on the phone

All my friends got into their first-choice universities, I was the only one who hadn’t. On results day, I was sick of being on the phone.

With Queen’s the wait was barely a minute

Queen’s was the first university to email me. I was getting lost on other universities phone systems. With Queen’s the wait was barely a minute.

Queen’s website made me feel reassured

They called me back and they were serious about me. I got to speak to an academic. This helped a lot. Queen’s website made me feel reassured. I was able to look at all the course information I needed to make a decision.

It has real prestige

For me, the main thing I was looking for was a Russell Group university and it was this that really cemented the idea of Queen’s for me. When I heard that it was founded in 1845, it meant it has real prestige.

It was my best option

The Russell Group means it’s got a good academic reputation. Queen’s is a good university and was my best option. 

Josh’s Story


Joshua was happy with his grades. Through clearing, he found Queen’s had guaranteed accommodation for GB students.


I’d never heard of Queen’s

The way my clearing process worked out meant a lot of university places had gone. I was getting a re-mark. Four days had passed. I felt really unwanted. So, when Queen’s contacted me I thought ‘well, someone actually wants me to come here’ – That was a big deal for me.

It’s a really well-respected University

When you hear Queen’s is in the top one per cent of global universities, you think, ‘well, WOW.’ I spoke to my teacher, she told me it was a really well-respected university and I should definitely take the opportunity. When I came over I had a campus tour with Recruitment Manager, Anthony McGrath. He was such a lovely guy! He was another big selling point, he actually wanted me to come to Queen’s!

I wanted to feel I was making the right decision

On the day, one of my future lecturers sat down and chatted to me for an hour. The day went so well, I sat in George Best Belfast City Airport and thought, ‘You know what, I’m going to do it.’ I wanted to feel like I was making the right decision - I did.

I’m really happy here

Classes are really small. I know my lecturers well. The same lecturer I spoke to on my visit still stops for chats with me. It’s really nice. Plus, it’s actually quicker getting home – it only takes me 45 minutes to fly from here. I’m much happier here than I think I would have been in any other university.

Megan's Story

the best decision I ever made

Megan wanted to study English. On results day, she searched on to see if there were any places left.


'Yes, Queen’s!’

My Dad is from Northern Ireland, so I already knew about Queen’s. As soon as I said: ‘Queens’ he said ‘Yes, definitely!’ On league tables Queen’s is a Russell Group university so it immediately came on my radar.

There were spaces available

I went in on the morning of my results at 9 o’clock and started looking at clearing about 11 o’clock. I went straight to the Queen's website to see if English was in clearing – for all I knew English at Queen’s was already taken. I called the clearing number and found there were spaces available.

It’ll be all fine’

The woman I spoke to on clearing was really friendly and reassuring. She also called me back later so it was great to speak to the same person again. The lovely Irish accent also really put me at ease! 

This time it was official

I was quite nervous having to wait on the phone call but I started to get excited. I went out for lunch with my parents and a couple of hours later it was all confirmed. This time it was official. I was in! When it came to clearing and I could do English – that was amazing.

Probably the best decision I ever made

A complicated process was made so easy for me to understand and I was contacted back within an hour. I’m here and it’s probably the best decision I ever made.

Alishia's Story

Northern Ireland offered something different

All set for another university, Alisha's expectations suddenly changed. She found what she was looking for at Queen's.

I got my place at Queen’s University quite late

Before I got my results, I was all set to go to the University of Liverpool. I had got my accommodation all sorted. But then I decided to change universities at the last minute.

Northern Ireland offered something different

A week before results day I thought I had probably done well in my exams and maybe exceeded Liverpool's criteria. I thought it would be really cool to go somewhere with a different experience from English universities. So when I got my results, I opted for Queen’s.

The clearing team at Queen’s were really helpful

Pending a confirmation, they confirmed a place for me a few hours after my call. 

It was definitely a good decision

Two days later I got a link confirming my accommodation. I booked my flights to Belfast and here I am, at the end of first year, and its been great!

Will's Story

I had nowhere to go before Queen's!

While on holiday, Will had a last minute change of heart but was still able to get a place at Queen's despite being miles away.

I was in Mexico when I got my results!

I decided I hated the university I was supposed to go to and basically pulled out of everything and had nowhere to go!

I wanted an RG University

One of the main reasons I decided to go to Queen's was because of it's reputation as a Russell Group University. Obviously I was slightly panicked! I messaged Queen's asking would they take me (please). I have to say, they were brilliant about it.

They emailed me back

The next day, they said 'yes' they would take me! 

Comprehensive and clear

They were really comprehensive and clear about what I had to do and a year later, here I am.

As for sorting out accommodation

They were brilliant. Queens guarantees accommodation to anyone from Great Britain. So I'm in Elms which is where the majority of first years all move in. 

Yen looking out over the shops in Victoria Square

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