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Global PhD Conference: Medicine, Health and Life Sciences

Join us online for The Global PhD Conference: Medicine, Health and Life Sciences event that's designed to stimulate thinking and accelerate key debate on the pressing health challenges facing our planet .

Date & Time
Wed, 27 Apr 2022, 9:00 AM (GMT)
Event Type
Open Day
China / Hong Kong / Macau
East Asia
Europe and Central Asia
Latin America
Middle East and North Africa
North America
Rest of World
South Asia
South East Asia
Sub-Saharan Africa

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Date: Wednesday 27th April, 2022. There will be two (repeat) session: 9am – 11:15am (BST) and then again 6pm – 8:15pm (BST)

Gain access to a unique series of thought-provoking interdisciplinary talks featuring leading academics across the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast and delve deeper in discussion through live interactive seminars. Discover a thought-provoking seminar menu and we welcome you to contribute to key debates and future policy - from areas across Health and Life Sciences.

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