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Dentistry MMIs

The Centre of Dentistry at Queen's University Belfast

MMI Candidate Information

Welcome to our online interview candidate information page

Welcome and thank you for confirming attendance at our online interviews. This year, due to Covid19 restrictions, we will be unable to hold face-to-face interviews so interviews will take place online using Sonru, an online automated video interview system.

We are sorry that we will not be able to meet you in person this year but we wanted to give you as much information from one central source to help make this process as easy as possible.

Please ensure you read the document entitled: Guidance for Candidates: Online Interviews which you would have received via email and follow all of the instructions. As you will not be attending the Dental School for interview this year, below we have included videos containing information about the School and Queen’s University. We hope you and your family members will take the opportunity to look at what the University has to offer.

Please scroll down for more information

Preparing for admissions interviews

Interviews take the form of short interviews and are designed to test a range of non-cognitive skills such as:

• Resilience

• Maturity and Responsibility

• Interpersonal and communication skills

• Confidence

• Self Awareness

• Empathy

• Ethical and moral values

• Awareness of the demands of training as a dental surgeon

Admissions Interview Checklist

Important information on what you need to do before your interview and on the day


Confirm attendance

Complete and return the online form

Forward a copy of your passport page displaying your photograph

Check all your technology is working well and you are familiar with software

Ensure you have completed the test interview

Have you found a quiet and uninterrupted space for the interview

Use a plain and minimal background

Check your device has both a working camera and microphone

Ensure you have sufficient battery (or electrical plug in)

Tour of Dental School

Dental students at Queens have access to modern and excellent teaching facilities. Click on the video to see and hear about our Clinical Techniques Laboratory.

At Queens we pride ourselves on creating a close-knit community of staff and students in our Dental School, ensuring a positive and supportive environment for student learning. Click on the videos below to hear the thoughts of our students on our course

Explore our stunning campus

At Queen’s you’ll have access to facilities that bring your course to life. We’ve invested over £700 million to keep our constantly evolving campus future ready.

From the state of the art McClay Library, to the cutting edge Computer Science Building, and purpose built School of Law, including a Moot Court Room, we've transformed our historic campus into an innovative learning environment.

Explore Virtual Tour

Take a tour of our campus - Scroll across to see available tours

Lanyon Building

Our University estate comprises more than 250 buildings, 98 of which are listed. The Lanyon Building, which opened in 1849, is the centrepiece of the estate.


Library, computing and media services in a single location as well as offering study facilities suitable for quiet study and group work.

Sports and Fitness

World class indoor and outdoor facilities, ideal for recreational, competitive or high-performance athletes.

Academic Facilities

Music studios, theatres, medical simulation suites, high performance computing, mechanical workshops, robotics and a lego lab.

Support and Wellbeing

Developing your employability skills, offering advice and assistance for times when you may feel under pressure, towards an enjoyable student experience.


Guaranteed accommodation to first year students. Tour state-of-the art rooms in the city centre virtually, check out accommodation options in more detail and get excited about where you want to live.

All our accommodation is just 15 minutes walk from campus, either located in the city centre or in our dedicated student village.

View rooms and prices

Accommodation 360 photos

En-suite bedroom I Elms BT1 and 2
Studio apartment I Elms BT1 and 2
En-suite bedroom I Elms BT9

Belfast: A Student City

A vibrant and friendly capital city, that’s safe, affordable and easy to get around.

Known as the “Queen’s Quarter”, the area surrounding our campus is the most vibrant district of Belfast. Here, you’ll find everything from museums and art galleries to world cuisine, as well as your classes of course, all within easy walking distance.

How expensive is it and how do I get there?

Northern Ireland has the lowest cost of student living in the UK, so you’ll pay less for rent, travel and going out.

Rent per week
1 hour
Flight time
Guide to city life
  1. Living in Belfast & N.Ireland
  2. Cost of living comparison
  3. Belfast vs London vs Manchester
  4. Moving to N.Ireland
  5. How far away is Belfast

Student Life

Students at Queen’s get the best of both worlds - a safe and easy to navigate campus with the wider city of Belfast nearby. We’re famed for our warm welcome and there’s a strong support network and sense of community on campus.

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Clubs and Societies

Whether your interest is in cheerleading, skiing, surfing, rowing, gaming, electronic music, crafting or the environment, you'll find something in our 215+ clubs and societies.

Sports and Fitness

World class indoor and outdoor facilities: 25m swimming and diving pool, martial arts area, 2 climbing walls, 8 squash courts, 2 handball courts, 4 exercise and dance studios, and outdoor 3G grass pitches.

Students’ Union

We’re loved across campus and Belfast: we’re the largest single-campus union in Ireland and provide students with advice, entertainment, volunteering opportunities and much more.

Careers and Employability

Our team are here to help you make informed career decisions and develop your skills and confidence to compete in the graduate job market.

Study/Work Abroad

Add an international dimension to your experience through study and work abroad. Increase your confidence and independence and make friends for life.

Student Finance

Find out more about Student Finance and what funding you could be eligible for to help with the cost of your undergraduate studies.