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How to join


Please join us at 6.30pm on the 12 November 2020; Engineering Parents Evening 

Links to all live drop-in sessions will be available on the event page on the night.  

Drop-in Joining Instructions 

To join the drop-in sessions you will require MS Teams, depending on the device in which you want to use for these Drop-ins please follow the instructions accordingly; 

Smart Phone (Download the MS Teams App) 

(Do not create an account as this may charge you) 

  • Once downloaded close out of app and go back to the event page and click on the link
  • Select join as guest, enter your full name, and join meeting 
  • This will put you in the lobby please wait there and we will add you into the Drop-in once it has started
  • Once the event is finished you can delete the app. 

Computer (Does not apply to Apple Mac, please use smart phone instructions)  

  • You will not need to download the app 
  • On the event page please click on the link of the Drop-in you would like to join 
  • The link should open in your browser giving you two options;  

Select “join on the web instead 

  • You can choose if you want to allow MS teams to have access to your camera and microphone, please say no
    (we would prefer everyone keeps their cameras off and directs their questions to the chat box this will avoid confusion). 


  • Please always keep your camera and microphone muted to avoid background noise and distractions.  
  • Please direct all questions through the chat box.