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Find out more in a live webinar. Sign up by choosing your course of interest from the table below.


Webinar 1

Webinar 2


Software Development

Monday 2 November, 10am

Wednesday 18 November, 11.30am 

Applied Cyber Security

Monday 2 November, 11.30am 

Wednesday 18 November, 3pm 

Audio-visual Post Production

Wednesday 4 November, 9am

Thursday 19 November, 12 noon

Data Analytics

Wednesday 4 November 10, 11am

Wednesday 18 November, 10am 

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Monday 2 November, 12pm

Tuesday 17 November, 2PM 

Engineering a Zero Carbon Transition

Thursday 5 November, 2pm

Wednesday 18 November, 2pm

Advanced Chemical Analysis

Tuesday 3 November, 11am

Thursday 19 November, 1pm 

Materials Science and Engineering

Wednesday 4 November, 2pm

Tuesday 17 November, 10am