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PG Cert in Audiovisual Post-production

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Overview of the Programme

This course, commencing in January 2022, offers meaningful upskilling in digital media skills in an area of strategic economic, social and cultural need in Northern Ireland.

Upon completion of this programme, students will be awarded a PgCert in Audiovisual Post-production. This qualification will be of interest to filmmakers, broadcast professionals and creative industries professionals who wish to improve their technical skills and knowledge of current industry practice in the area of post-production, or move into a different area of the creative industries.


The programme will consist of three connecting modules which take students across the post-production life cycle. These processes will be in line with current industry good practice and will allow for the creation of digital media that can be purposed for film, broadcast, web and social media purposes:

Course Delivery

The course will employ the following modes of delivery:

  • Teaching and assessment will be fully delivered online through a mixture of self-directed study and practice materials, workshops and support advisories. In order to replicate the interactive and engaging nature of an on-campus delivery, the online delivery will include:
  • Several weekly online workshops that both present and explore course topics. The workshops will be delivered live to permit learners to connect and ask / answer questions. The classes will also be recorded to permit flexible on-demand access.
  • Weekly practice activities including set exercises to reinforce learning and build practical skills.
  • Online learning materials (directed reading, study packs, etc.) which learners will study in their own time each week.
  • Regular formative assessment to measure learner progress and to provide advice and direction.
  • Online advisory support for learners to connect with experts to provide bespoke one-to-one support. Offered Monday to Friday, daytime to early evening, to flexibly support learners.

In providing the above forms of learner interaction we will offer support and instruction in a manner that can be flexibly delivered online.

Students will be required to participate within approximately 9-12 hours of scheduled teaching activities each week. A computer and Internet connection will be required.

Opportunities for Progression

Careers and Further Study

There is no direct academic progression with this PgCert. However, those who wish to continue their studies can apply for the MA Film or MA Media and Broadcast Production degrees. There is no direct overlap in modules between this qualification and these post-graduate taught programmes.

By graduation, students will have gained additional technical expertise, potentially allowing them to pivot into a different area of the creative economy or make them more attractive prospects within their current field.


Admissions and Requirements

The admission criteria for entry onto the programme are as follows:

Academic requirements:

  • Normally at least a 2(ii) UK honours-equivalent degree in any discipline, or
  • Appropriate work experience for those who can demonstrate an understanding of audiovisual media and/or have prior experience in creating audiovisual material. Assessed using the RPEL (Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning) framework.


In addition to the above qualification requirements, all applicants will also be required to provide a link to a completed video in any style, genre, or form (up to 3 mins duration) which demonstrates their prior experience of creating audio-visual media. The video for assessment should be uploaded to an external hosting site such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dropbox or equivalent. A link to the video must be provided in the ‘additional information’ section of the application form and this link should remain live to assessors until 31 Dec 2021. Please note that it is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the video is accessible to view or download via the link provided and that the uploaded video is not locked or password protected.