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What Belfast people say versus what they actually mean


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Hint: this can get confusing.

‌1. We live in a time vortex

They say: “We’ll just stay for one”

They mean: “Get comfy, we’re here ‘til closing”

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2. We like our hot beverages moist

They say: “The tea is wet”

They mean: “The tea is ready”

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3. We don’t do ‘errands’

They say: “Can you help me with these messages?”

They mean: “Can you help me carry these groceries?”

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4. We get excited by the sun

They say: “Taps aff!”

They mean: “It’s warm enough to sunbathe”

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5.We are up for anything

They say: “Ach, sure why not?”

They mean: “YOLO”

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6. ‘Here’s me’ can preface anything

They say: “Here’s me wha?”

They mean: “I can’t believe what I just heard.”

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7. We have the gift of the gab

They say: “Awk, sure you know yourself”

They mean: “I’m using this catch-all phrase to both answer and deflect your question.”

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8. We are always up for the craic

They say: “Any craic?”

They mean: “Tell me the very latest gossip that you have heard.”

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